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Here is all the power you will need on the road. This compact unit gives you an easy way to harness the power of your vehicle is battery to charge or power cell phones, TVs, laptops, iPods and other on-the-road essential electronics. With three AC outlets, it is perfect for professional drivers and a smart idea for family camping or road trips. Sturdy yellow and black casing stands up to the rigors of life on the road. Another great innovation from RoadPro, your trusted travel companion, bringing the comforts of home to on-the-go living. SPECIFICATIONS: Operating AC Voltage (Normal): 105 Volts – 125 Volts AC DC Input Voltage: 10 Volts – 15 Volts DC AC Output Frequency: 60Hz ± 2Hz AC Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave Battery Drain with no AC Load: 0.50 Amps Efficiency (Maximum): 87 percent Ambient Operating Temp Range: 14º F (-10ºC) – 104º F (40ºC) Low Battery Shut Down Point: 10.5 ± 0.3 Volts DC High Voltage Shut Down Point: 15.5 ± 0.5 Volts DC

Product Features

  • Continuous AC power output: 2000 watts; Maximum AC power output (surge): 4000 watts
  • Converts 12-volt DC power from your vehicle battery to 110-volt AC power
  • Three 3-prong AC outlets and USB port with 5 volts DC output
  • Heavy-duty installation cable attaches directly to vehicle battery
  • High/low voltage protection; over temp and overload protection

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  1. Jesse San Nicolas™ says:

    4 years and still going strong!!! Amazing All these bad reviews would make it seem like this product is horrible. I am writing to say I have had this power inverter for 4+ years and it is still going strong.I had it hooked up to my truck using very thick power cable , I believe 2 gauge, that cost an extra $50 which is recommended for the amount of power surging through this thing.Come on people this is a 2000 watts continuous/4000 watts max power inverter. I bet these bad reviews probable hooked it up using 12…

  2. Dk says:

    Would recommend to anyone

  3. Mr. Robert E. Baugher says:

    dont buy i too bought this inverter and the fan also started making noise. it now is in the dumpster. in less than a year, it cut off after only a few minutes of operation. it also had signs of overheating on the inside. i only bought it to make coffee. i dug out my cobra 500 watt ( 5 years old ) and it still works. no coffee but everything else works fine with it. i am now looking for a cobra 2000 watt, if they make one. i may just skip the coffee and use the one i already have. sorry i couldnt be…

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