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New 21st Centry High End Loaded CB Radio with Weatherbands! Has AM/USB/LSB modes, Scan, MultiColor Selectable Display, Mi & RF Gain, Noise Blanker, Switchable Talkback and Roger Beep. Also features Unique “beep Sound” SWR Meter feature, Vox, Automatic Squelch, Dual Watch and More!! Operates from 12 to 24Vdc.

Product Features

  • Hi Tech AM/SSB CB Radio With Weatherbands and Alert!
  • Features Swichable Talkback, Roger Beep, Varible RF Power Control, Noise Blanker & ANL!
  • Has Scan, Selectable 3 Color Large LCD Display, Dual Watch Function, & VOX Ability!
  • Mic and RF Gain Controls, Automatic SWR Reading Zero In “Beep” Function, Automatic Squelch Control!
  • DIN Size, Operates from 12 to 24Vdc, Includes Mic, Mounting Bracket and Power Cord

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this CB I had a Cobra for about 2 years before it went to sh*t, then bought a Galaxy which I was really excited about until receiving it dead out of the box. Out of disparate measures I bought a Uniden only to have it crap out in a few months. But I tell you this President is AWESOME, not only can I hear long distance transmissions (10 miles +) but they can also hear me. Self calibration of SWR is so fricken cool, love Roger beep, display color options, and weather alert overrides. Hands down best CB…

  2. Anonymous says:

    BLOWS Cobra out of the water! BLOWS Cobra out of the water! This is an AWESOME radio right out of the box it was easy to tune the antenna because of the built-in SWR Tuning feature. I am a Pilot Car driver and depend on my CB radio a lot, all the drivers I work with all say how clear my radio is and what a strong signal it transmits. I also purchase the Maryland RW CB antenna at the same time and I am able to hear & talk to drivers 5-6 miles out. Watch the President McKinley USA 40 ch AM/SSB CB radio teardown and review…

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