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For pure, clean power and ultimate portability, nothing beats the Pulsar 2000iS digital, inverter generator. Ideal for outdoor power and entertainment the 2000iS generates just 59 dB of noise making it virtually silent from as little as 10 feet away. Weighing in at just 47 pounds and having a handy “suitcase” design, the 2000iS is the utmost in portability while providing pure, safe electrical power through not only dual 120 volt outlets but a 12V “cigarette” outlet and a direct connect USB outlet designed to recharge cellular telephones and laptops. Operating for up to eight hours on just 1.18 gallons of gasoline, the PG2000iS is designed for years of reliable performance regardless of where you are.

Product Features

  • Rated at 1600 Watts with Peak of 2000Watts
  • 79cc 3.5 horse power engine
  • 1.18 Gallon tank, .29 GPH , 6.3 hour runtime at half load
  • 61 dB noise level when running
  • 120 Voltage, 13.3V

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  1. Elizabeth McWilliams says:

    Comparable to Yamaha

  2. T. Tessier says:

    Good for the price! I broke in the generator using James Lummel’s advice in a review below (Thanks James). I ran the Royal Purple 11487 High Performance Engine Break-in Oil for the first part of the break-in however I don’t think I executed the proper load transitions as James suggested. In any case, I used the Royal Purple and cycled power with cooling in between. It started easy and all went well (other than oil on the patio which didn’t go over well). I noticed it runs very well under load but does not run well…

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