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Add an extra line of safety and become a better driver with this backup camera and monitor system with Bluetooth ability. The Pyle PLCM7400BT Driving Assistance Kit allows you to mount your camera and monitor exactly where you need it — while gaining access to Bluetooth hands-free talking and wireless music streaming ability. The system works with all of your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices and pairs easily. The small and durable waterproof camera mounts above your rear license plate and provides you with an extra set of eyes when on the road. Steer clear of bicyclists, watch out for pedestrians and skill your way into those tight parking spots like never before. The rearview mirror monitor attaches to your existing mirror assembly and features a built-in 7″ LCD display. It provides a crisp, color picture from your backup camera. It’s also useful whenever you reverse or when visibility is limited. The system comes with all the necessary cables and wiring for installation. Drive safer and smarter with the Pyle PLCM7400BT Bluetooth Camera and Monitor Driving Assist System.

Product Features

  • Backup Camera & Rearview Mirror Monitor System – 7″ LCD Display Screen
  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Ability & Hands-Free Call-Answering Ability
  • Reverse Signal Sense Priority: Automatically Activates Once Car is in Reverse
  • Distance Scale Line Display – USB & SD Card Readers – Dual RCA Video Inputs
  • Visual Assistance for Safer Driving – Includes Remote & All Necessary Cables/Wiring

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