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Product size: Length: 9cm Width: 9cm Height: 7.5cm
Hole size: Length: 6.8cm Width: 6.8cm
Material: ABS, Nylon, aluminum plate resistant to high temperature and flame retardant
environmental protection material
Light color: USB blue, voltmeter and switch is red
Operating temperature:-25 ° C to 80 °C
Maximum power:240W
Input voltage: DC12V / 24V
Output voltage: 5V
Output current:3.1A
Protection level:IP65
Voltage detection range: 6-30V
Product Usage:
Can be used for mobile phones, tablet, navigation, GPS, car refrigerator, car vacuum cleaner, etc.
Installation scope: Suitable for installation of large-scale transportation tools such as automobile, ship, yacht, RV, bus etc.
Accessories: 4 self-tapping screws

Package include:
1x Four Hole Panel Base
1x Dual USB Socket
1x Voltmeter Meter
1x Power Socket
1x ON-OFF Button Switch
4x screws

Product Features

  • Input voltage is 12-24V, 12-24V can be installed on all the use of the car, the use of a very wide
  • Products for the ABS, PC, PBT resistance to high temperature and low temperature flame resistant material, the lowest temperature -25 °maximum temperature is 80 ° environment
  • Products with cigarette holder, dual USB, can be used for automotive external equipment to take power, but also for mobile phones, flat panel, GPS and other power supply
  • Product with a voltmeter, can be used to detect the use of car batteries, prevent the battery caused by poor safety accidents
  • Applicable to cars, ships, yachts, motorhomes, buses and other large-scale travel tools installed

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