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More value, less false alerts. Backed by the noLimits Enterprises Radar Ticket Guarantee. The Radenso SP provides top-flight sensitivity and false alert filtering, packed into an easy-to-use detector. With the ability to filter out traffic sensors and blind spot monitor systems from other cars on the road, the Radenso SP lets you enjoy driving again. Features like a bright OLED display, multiple driving modes, and voice alerts make the Radenso SP a pleasure to drive with, while the noLimits Enterprises Radar Ticket Guarantee and USA-based support make the Radenso SP an unbeatable value.

Product Features

  • False-alert filtering of a top-tier detector at a more appealing price point
  • Bright, OLED display is easily visible in all conditions
  • Over 260 voice alerts
  • Telephone and e-mail support from the USA – 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Full money back guarantee for 30 days.

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    Excellent Performance!!!!!!!! I Drive approximately 100 miles a day with a combination of rural, city and some highway. I was a bit skeptical with the bold statement of the quietest radar detector out there. I generally don’t write reviews however after only a week I could not be more impressed. Since the late 80s I’ve owned many detectors. Escort / Beltronics and a couple were in the $500 price point. I wanted to try the Radenso SP as the price was very reasonable if the “quietest” statement was true. I have gone from…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Almost perfect I bought this radar detector for its claim of having the least false alerts. I’ve still had to turn off the K band scanner as every time I’d pass a grocery store or gas station with automatic doors it would go off. The range is great on both city and highway mode, but I really with there was an intelligent mute function. After 10 seconds or so of the thing screaming at me I have to press mute, it will then re-activate after a few seconds and I have to press it again. If it would turn itself…

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