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Everything in this world is related to electronics and its accessories In aspects of that our products are very compatible and durable with all kinds of device These products are recognized for its honesty high efficiency and comprehensive services and named for its high standard and quality Our exclusive products are headlined by hundreds of mind blowing innovations and creativityFeatures. GPS intelliroute with lifetime map updatesSpecifications. Size 7. Dimension 56 H x 85 W x 45 L

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    dont care for tablet or wi fi connection **My interest in Using The professional Rand GPS for the 1st time about 10 years ago was triggered by the big and classic mapping brand which has for over a century dominated the “Geomatic” map making scene of the global expanse. So it was no surprise that my 1st choice for professional gps rested on the good old Rand.Their 1st pro GPS that I used was the 720. It was well designed from a performance and durability perspective. It was constructed from solid and…

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