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Technical Features for Rand McNally OverDryve 7 Pro The Rand McNally OverDryve 7 Pro is a 7″ Truck GPS tablet equipped with the best features, which makes it best all-in-one dashboard device. With features like Bluetooth hands-free calling and texting, voice assistant, on-board navigation and much more, makes it OverDryve a well designed Truck Device specifically for the commercial driver. With 7″ High-resolution screen you can clearly see the important details at a glance. The OverDryve 7 Pro is equipped with built-in SiriusXM satellite radio that allows you to play your favorite SiriusXM satellite radio stations right through your truck stereo. With built-in dash cam record your travels. Log your hours with the pre-loaded Rand McNally DriverConnect logbook. OverDryve 7 Pro Features: * Truck GPS Device * 7″ Widescreen Display * Integrates w/ Built-in Voice Assistant * On-Board Navigation & Trip Planning * Provides Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling & Texting * Streams Music, Podcasts & Audiobooks Directly on Phone * Records Trips w/ Built-in Dash Cam – 8-megapixel Forward-facing – 2-megapixel Self-facing * Plays Sound Through your Truck Stereo System * Maps on Board * Equipped With SiriusXM – Play your Favorite SiriusXM Satellite Radio Stations Right Through your Truck Stereo * Advanced Routing:- – With Advanced Lane Guidance, You’ll be Prepared for Anything that Comes in Way * Live Features:- – Connect to Wi-Fi to Access Live Weather, Traffic & Fuel Prices Along w/ Route * FM Radio * Ability to Download Apps, Games, Music, Audiobooks & More * Points of Interest:- – Finds Whatever you need w/ Exit Information * Powered Magnetic Mount Included

Product Features

  • – Finds Whatever you need w/ Exit Information
  • Truck GPS Device
  • Plays Sound Through your Truck Stereo System
  • Equipped With SiriusXM

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    Best Buy for this item!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Garmin dezl 770 vs rand McNally overdrive 8 Update: Rand McNally needs to revise their mount to create better grip of GPS when one encounters potholes.Again, routing is good, but it’s still good to double check areas such as Kentucky.Truckers driving through I-75 north of Toledo, Ohio towards Detroit. Caution for the GPS will fall off mount due to Michigan crappy roads. Also, some potholes in Indian also throws the GPS off the mount.Routing is best, but…

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    Best Truck GPS by far.

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