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The Ranger Professional PPR-TLM1 40 channel AM mobile citizen band (CB) radio features a small size chassis that is same dimensions as a Cobra 29 CB radio. The PPR-TLM1 comes stock with Ranger’s famous SRA-198 dynamic noise cancelling microphone. The radio features a 4 pin front panel mounted microphone jack and comes with mounting bracket and hardware for vehicle mounting and installation. Radio features include volume/squelch controls, microphone gain/RF gain controls, RF power output and talkback, noise blanker and automatic noise limiter (ANL), channel 19 switch, and channel control. The PPR-TLM1 features a large TFT display with multiple radio information and digital meter screens. You can also upload and display your own photos on the radio’s TFT display. The PPR-TLM1 features a built-in MP3 player with front panel USB port and SD card slot.

Product Features

  • 40 Channel Mobile CB Radio – Cobra 29 Size Chassis
  • 4pin Front Panel Mic Jack with SRA-198 Noise Cancelling Microphone Included
  • Thru-Hole Component Construction
  • Blue LED Channel Display and Large TFT Display
  • Variable Talk Back and RF Output Power

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Display didnt work properly I returned this item because the TFT display didn’t work properly. The “main” screen that shows the frequency counter (like in the picture) would after a unspecific amount of time start wavering from where it’s supposed to be at e.g.: channel 19 should read 27.185khz the counter would eventually start going down in numbers to the point the counter wouldn’t display at all. Sometimes after sitting for a while it would start “counting back up” but not every time. Shutting the radio off for maybe…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolute garbage! Do not waste your money on this useless piece of junk! Having the Ranger name I had decent hopes for this radio despite little information found on Google. The disappoint began before I even hooked it up. The first knob I turned actually had a crunchy and yet somehow a mushy feel to it. Every knob had at least an eighth of an inch of play before any adjustment was ever made. The channel selector while not nearly as mushy it was still an unpleasant and inaccurate POS. Often times it would skip…

  3. Anonymous says:

    SWR meter, works great

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