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This camera system is designed for rear view purpose and consist of a rear-view mirror with built-in 4.3″ digital display, rear-view color camera, four ultrasonic sensors and alert speaker. This system can detect the distance between your vehicle and the object that is obstructing your way by giving sound alarm tones that varies in frequency with the change of the distance while providing you a colorful wide angle video of what is behind you on the screen of your rear view mirror monitor. The universal camera performs great on any lighting condition and it has parking guide lines so you can better judge distances while reverse parking. Can be installed in two options, hanged with the provided bracket or as a bullet camera, you decide! No doubt this complete system will be the best aid for your safe reversing and multimedia experience! Rearview Backup Camera System 4.3″ Digital TFT LCD Rear View Mirror Resolution: 960 x 240 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Contrast: 350:1 4W Power Consumption Dual Video input with auto switch when reversing PAL/NTSC Auto Switch 4 Parking Sensors Included Alert Speaker with beeping warnings Universal Rear View Camera (HK-6880) High Performance Color Sensor Like CCD PAL/NTSC System Resolution: NTSC 712(H) x 486(V) / PAL 704(H) x 576(V) Viewing Angle: 170 degree horizontal and 120 degree vertical Operating Voltage: DC 9V-16V Compact Size Automatic White Balance Low Power Consumption Rear-view Parking Guide Lines Night Vision Water-proof Universal Mount Camera can be installed hanged or converted to a push-in bullet camera with the included kit

Product Features

  • Rear View Mirror with Built-in 4.3inch Display
  • Dual Video inputs
  • Universal Rear View Color Camera
  • 4 Parking Sensors Included
  • Alert Speaker with beeping warnings

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  1. peanut gallery says:

    impossible to set up I’m not a wiring dummy and have set up enough systems that this shouldn’t have been any real challenge to set up. To start out there are three sets of power cords that needed to be hooked up, the camera, the main box, and the monitor. In the instructions it is impossible to tell which wires connect to the reverse lights and there is absolutely no diagram for the monitor which left me completely clueless as to why there were three inputs including the power cord then one says cam in and the…

  2. Bravo says:

    You get what you pay for. 0

  3. Michael N says:

    Very impressed, here’s my experience with it Flips out during rain but otherwise works very, very well; distance is shockingly accurate. Beep is very loud so don’t worry about not hearing it, you can put tape over the speaker holes to tone it down or just reach over the top to switch the beep indicator off altogether.Normal mirror when off, Distance displayed in meters when shifted to reverse. If enabled, beep frequency increases as you get closer, continuous beep at 0.3 m (~1 ft), and P.- shown to tell you to throw it in…

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