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Faster, stronger, better. Rover 2.0 will boldly go where no App-controlled tank has gone before. Discover strange new life forms at home or at work. Record their activities-and even communicate via two-way audio.

Product Features

  • • Steer by G-Drive Use your device’s accelerometer to make it like a steering wheel in your hand.
  • • Wide-angle video camera View, record and share your missions online, or capture digital photos. In Rover 2.0, you can control the angle of the video camera remotely. Its wide-angle lens captures more of its surroundings.
  • • Night vision and Stealth Mode Rover 2.0 lets you see (and record) in the dark with no lights for stealthy operations. Also has built-in headlights that can be turned on and off from your control device.
  • • Communicate via 2-way audio Listen to sound from Rover 2.0’s travels and transmit your own audio back through Rover 2.0’s built-in speaker. Roger, Rover!
  • • Boldly go up to 200 feet Rover 2.0 can travel 200 feet in unobstructed places, or 100 feet around walls.

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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    My son loves this. This is a great piece of tech for the price. Video. Two-way audio. True night-vision. The video is a little laggy, so it is tricky navigate from another room – but possible – my son can do it. You can drive it up to someone and carry on a conversation. Note: The audio only works when the Rover is stopped. The App downloaded, installed, and connected super-easily. The programmed routes work OK. Because of floor imperfections and other factors, the Rover may not follow the exact same…

  2. Donna C Hickerson says:

    Christmas gift 0

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