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This package includes two additional current transformers (CTs) to compliment your Sense Home Energy Monitor for metering solar production in real-time within the Sense app.

Compatibility Notes
Your incoming solar feed must connect directly into your main electrical panel, either through a breaker or a service-side tap.
If solar is set up in a sub-panel, the incoming solar feed must be within 46 inches of the main panel. This will allow the current sensor cable to reach and connect to the Sense monitor in the main electrical panel.
To have clean solar production readings, there should not be any other live circuits connected to the sub-panel.
Package includes two (2) 200 amp/600 volt RoHS compliant current transformers
Cable length = 46″

Product Features

  • Two high-precision, clamp-on current transformers with 46″ cables for use with the Sense Home Energy Monitor.
  • Monitor solar production right inside the free Sense app for iOS and Android.
  • Connects directly to your Sense Home Energy Monitor, no additional hardware or cables required!
  • Compare solar production to your home’s energy consumption over time to maximize your solar investment.
  • Should be installed by a licensed electrician or solar installer.

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