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The excellent handling, easy exchange of the crimping insert bits and the possibility of adding a positioning aid are facts in favor of these crimping pliers.
High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps.
Portable style with perfect handle gripping position,light weight, logical structure and perfect handle shape design.

Crimping Range: 2.5-6mm2
Model: LY-2546B MC4 Solar Crimping Tools
Application: For non-insulated open plug-type connector
Material:High carbon steel
Weight: 550(g)
Warranty: We only provide best quality products and best services for our customers.We provide our customer guarantee and urgent response.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1xWire Crimper

Product Features

  • Hardened and durable steel construction for years of reliable services.
  • The design of accurate crimping moulds and complete locking ensure high of crimping quality when crimping repeatedly.
  • High transmission of force to reduce the working fatigue according to lever control.
  • Portable style with perfect handle gripping position,light weight, logical sructure and perfect handle shape design matching human being engineering principle,it guarantees perfect crimping effect.
  • Easy to operate while using pliers,just insert the top into its position and press it.

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  1. G. Watson says:

    Not swiss made, but seems to work well The writing on the side of this crimp tool reads “iwiss” (sic) made hilariously. But that said, the tool worked very well for me. I crimped over 100 MC4 connectors with it and all of them seemed to go pretty much flawlessly. The tool seems well made and is very sturdy with a good ratchet mechanism. I can’t speak to its long term durability but certainly for small batches is should be great.When you do the crimp, you have to hold the pin between the jaws while you insert the…

  2. Solar EV Systems says:

    its ease of use is as easy as squeezing We professionally do solar work. We needed an extra MC4 crimper for a new tech hired. For $30 PRIME – you CANNOT BEAT THE PRICE – yes this is not the $200 authentic MC4 Crimper from Europe… but for $30 I expect this tool to last for years, its ease of use is as easy as squeezing… that’s it. It has nice hard & soft grips, ergonomic and solid steel construction.Yes you need to lightly squeeze the mc4 tab pins together so the dye crimps it properly, but for $30, i was shocked at…

  3. CHIMING LEE says:


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