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You asked for it and we made it! Now you can purchase all the items you need to get XM Radio on your motorcycle. This is a complete XM Radio motorcycle kit including the XM onyX EZ receiver, vehicle cradle, Hardwired 5 Volt Power Adapter, auxiliary cable, XM Radio motorcycle mount with protective case, and XM Radio motorcycle antenna. Everything you need to get XM Radio on your bike.

Product Features

  • Complete Satellite Radio Motocycle Bundle: Connect to Bike Stereo System or Listen Through Audio Out On Cradle
  • Hardwired Power Adapter Get the cleanest installation possible by using the 5 Volt hardwired power adapter
  • Direct Connection – Easy Installation With this kit you can connect directly to any motorcycle sound system or FM radio with either the FM direct adapter or the auxiliary cable
  • Motocycle Antenna – Unique Design This antenna is specifically designed to endure the strong wing currents and abuse that comes from extended driving on a motorcycle.
  • Easy Installation of Antenna and Mount Easy installation to any brand and model of motorcycle on either the handle bars or any flat surface using the included mounting accessories.

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  1. Leylines says:

    Great, With One Exception I am very pleased with the package, as a whole, and will recommend it to anyone looking to set up satellite radio on their motorcycle. However, there was one issue which caused me some grief upon installation. The hard-wired power supply which connects directly to the battery terminals is incompatible with the dock for the included receiver. The power plug on the end of this power supply fits into the bottom of the receiver itself, but does not work with the dock, rendering the receiver…

  2. Anonymous says:

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