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Compatible with all US carriers, including: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, U. S. Cellular, etc.

Product Features

  • Compatible with all US carriers, including: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, U. S. Cellular, etc.
  • Multi -User Simultaneous Connectivity: Smart Phones, Tablets, Modems, Wi-Fi Hotspots can all directly connect at the same time
  • FCC Approved. Automatically adjusts system gain and power level to get the optimum result. No manual intervention needed. Easy Setup. Complete installation can be done in half an hour by one person
  • Boosts Voice, Text and Data Signals. Perfect cell phone signal booster if you are located very far away from the nearest cellular tower, or if your building materials obstruct a strong signal, I. e. metal roofs on home, office, shop, pole building, warehouse, etc. . Enhances the signal up to 1000x, with a coverage area of 20, 000 Sq. ft. and up. (Note: Coverage area range depends on the outdoor signal level: 1-2 Bars (-100dBm) ~1, 500 sq. ft. , 3-4 Bars (-90dBm) ~5, 000 sq. ft. , 5 Bars (-80dBm) ~20, 000 sq. ft. )
  • With a better incoming signal, cell phones require less output power to send and receive a signal. This can significantly Reduce the required Transmission Power of mobile phones and therefore reduce the level of electromagnetic radiation exposure to the human body. At the same time, having a better signal reduces power usage, which saves your battery and can and Improve Battery life of phones on standby mode by up to an additional 2 hours

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Customer service I live in a rural area and only received one bar signal on my cell phone. We only have our cell phones and no landline so dependability is important. After installing the SolidRF booster, my phone went from one bar to FIVE! I do not experience drop or static calls and I get service even in my basement. I have had the unit installed for about one year. My husband and I noticed recently that we were having dropped calls and people complaining about not hearing us. I emailed SolidRF and explained…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good product, excellent customer service! My phone would have about 0.5 bars – the phone would show 0-1 bars and work off-and-on in certain places. The internet speed test was usually around 0.5 Mbps – if it worked at all. With the amplifier and a 25′ tower I’m to getting 4 bars , good calls and 10-15Mbit , sometimes 20 MBit download speeds.Unless you can actually _see_ the tower you’re trying to reach, I would highly recommend figuring out exactly where your tower is, and mapping your location and the location of the tower in…

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