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Connect the optional XA-NV300T navigation module to your XAV602BT and you’ll have continuous access to TomTom intuitive user interface and world-class mapping technologies, including IQ Routes, the worlds biggest real travel time database. You’ll never worry about network connections or data costs because the system works independent of your phone.

Product Features

  • TomTom offline map access & updates with included SD card
  • Compatible with the new Sony XAV602BT & XAV712HD
  • IQ Routes: fastest route & most accurate arrival times

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  1. Glenn K. Moore says:

    Good unit Just Plug in the USB and route the antenna, Works great, adjustable volume separate from radio, its NEW Tom Tom still has some work to do to support it. But overall I am Impressed, Gave it 4 stars, with better Tom Tom support it would have got 5. Tom Tom is NOT YET up to speed in providing map updates to SD cards; But It has only been available since October! Note you have to hit Adjust route and then cancel route to turn it off, NOT well documented. Does a fine job of turning off sound source…

  2. Jason J German says:

    Works well on the XAV602-BT but not the XAV-712HD 0

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