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Smartphone car mount portable, compact and functional: Designed to ensure that your device is attached securely and free of any viewing obstructions. Simply install the included magnetic plate into your device’s case for it to work in conjunction to the Spinido ti-smart magnetic clip from the car’s air vent. Features: 1) Ti-smart magnetic car mount for cell phones is not bulky or space consuming at all. You no longer have to suffice for keeping your phone in the cup holder or dashboard, because a normal car mount gets in the way. Ti-smart magnetic car mount inserts into the air vent, thereby not blocking your windshield. 2) Navigation is extremely easy with this magnetic car mount. It can easily rotate, fix or tilt to any angle that best assists the viewer of the phone. 3)The magnetic technology is safe to use and will not harm any smartphone. The carbon steel plates inside the magnetic car mount are ultra thin and designed in a way that it provides powerful holding power as well as absorbing magnetic instability. Along with being safe, it is also powerful, it attracts any phone to it quickly – this is the auto-mount feature. The user can just bring the phone near the mount and it will take it easily, so the user no longer has to fuss about with safekeeping their phone. Tips: This car mount including 2 metal plates, you can place the two plates on each side of the phone case respectively, which will make the magnet stronger and the plate wider. Noticeto make sure the best magnetic attraction: 1. Exceeding 2mm protective shell, iron sheets must be attached to the outside. 2. Round iron sheet can only be attached to the outside of the phone shell or the phone.

Product Features

  • Magnetic and cradle-less design, with super strong magnetic hold, however, as small as the SD card
  • With two different usage methods and you can simply installation to any vehicle’s air vent
  • Aesthetically attractive design made of durable aluminum material and 3 colors for your choice
  • Sturdy, cradle-less and attractive device holding system
  • Compatible with most smartphone and GPS

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  1. karnail says:

    Nice Magnetic Mount The Spinido® Ti-Smart Square Air Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount a minimilistic car mounts available on amazon .It is made of nice aluminium and comes in colors similar to the Iphone.I tried the one in gold and it pairs nicely with my gold Iphone. This mount is very compact and looks nice on tha air vents of the car .It comes with 2 metallic plates which have a sticky backing to attach to the back of the phone or inset within a case. The magnets that hold the phone are very strong and works…

  2. Sandwichmaker says:

    Hi Quality Mount – with Notes on the Galaxy S5 and Wireless Charging The Spinido TI-Smart portable car mount is a smart looking, low profile magnetic vehicle vent mount for cell phones, GPS units, etc. There are many similar units available, but I thought the Spinido would be worth its somewhat higher price because of its attractive appearance, and because I could choose a color to match my car’s dashboard trim. Beyond that, the Spinido works just like other magnet mounts.The Spinido consists of four rubbery fingers arranged so that there are two…

  3. Amazon Addict says:

    I love it

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