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Ideal for tailgating or camping, the Sportsman Series 2000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator has the power and flexibility to handle the task. This generator runs on either unleaded gasoline or propane gas, so you can use whichever fuel is more easily available or affordable at the moment. With the Sportsman Series Dual Fuel Generator, you get the long lasting, clean burning advantage of propane gas, plus the familiar and easy to find benefits of unleaded gasoline. With 2000 peak watts and 1400 rated watts and equipped with two 120-volt outlets and a 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging the Sportsman Series Dual Fuel Generator can handle small household appliances, perfect for recreational activities. With a 50 percent load, the Sportsman Series 2000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator can run for 9 hours on a full tank of gasoline (1.2 gallons) and 12 hours with a full 20 lbs. LP cylinder (the common gas grill type, not included). A 5-foot propane fuel hose with a regulator is included for your added convenience. The 3.5 HP engine is surprisingly quiet; it runs at less than 68 Db. The Sportsman Series 2000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator is ideal for anyone who needs affordable, flexible and portable power. Unfortunately, this model cannot be converted to operate with natural gas.

Product Features

  • 2,000 peak surge watts and 1,400 rated running watts can run most household appliances and power tools, 2-120V outlets, 1-12V DC outlet, regulator hose kit included
  • Runs on gasoline or liquid propane fuel, giving you flexibility while out on the road, or during an emergency
  • 3.5 HP, 4 stroke OHV engine delivers maximum performance, Recoil start, 94 cc engine displacement, 120 V operation, Decibel rating &let; 68 db.
  • 1.2 gallon fuel tank, Gasoline run time 9 hours at 50% load, LP run time 12 hours at 50% load, AVR automatic voltage regulation, low oil shut off, spark arrestor, engine shut off switch and circuit breaker
  • EPA approved, propane tank not included, surge/running watts may be reduced 10% when using propane

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  1. William Durkalec says:

    Gives me 30 hours on a 20 pound tank

  2. pelsted says:

    Great Little Generator

  3. Gary says:

    Ran great on propane Out of the box. Ran great on propane. Started right up. Filled with fuel and it started fine. Then it began to leak gasoline from a fuel line that had a small slit in it. Not sabotage but poorly done. Very concerning. My review is this; Do not buy this if you have a problem working on it. Also, it is an OK product but will take some care and operating understanding that must be followed carefully. I like the product and purchased it for $214.00 with Free Shipping. Don’t know but my guess is…

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