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The Sound Storm S4EQ graphic equalizer is a high-Fidelity signal processor/preamplifier that allows you to graphically view and individually control a number of different frequency bands in a stereophonic system. It is intended for use in a car audio system which includes amplifiers in a signal path AFTER the equalizer, and provides front, rear and subwoofer low level outputs via RCA connectors.

Power Connections
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Please note that this equalizer contains an internal ON/OFF switch which is activated when the head unit is turned on. For this reason, to use the equalizer, your head unit must have a remote turn on lead.

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Audio Connections
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Top Panel Controls And Features
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Front Panel Controls And Key Features
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Product Features

  • Front, rear and subwoofer outputs; Fader control; Subwoofer volume control
  • Subwoofer Frequency 30Hz to 250Hz variable Bass 40Hz Midbass 150Hz
  • Mid 1kHz High 20kHz THD: <0.01%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >90dB Gold-plated connectors
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 7″ X 5-3/8″ x 1″Dual Color Illumination (Red and Green)
  • Front, rear and subwoofer outputs
  • THD: <0.01%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >90dB
  • Dual color illumination
  • Gold-plated connectors

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  1. HeavyDuty says:

    Great bang for buck I have been into car audio since the 1980s.Ran across this unit which specified it had a variable subwoofer xover from 30Hz to 250Hz. The reviews were good so thought I’d try it out. The xover on this unit works great!! for this price.I’ve used a few crossovers in the past and this one I like very much.As far as the equalizer I cannot comment, since I have not used it, but the pots/controls on this unit are tight and seem to be pretty good quality. I do know…

  2. K. Klemple says:

    Great little unit, one moderate flaw I have never owned an in-dash EQ before, but I am an Audio Engineer by profession, so I know a fair amount about audio. I bought this unit to give me greater control over my 4-channel amp and my monoblock sub amp. This unit is hands-down much better than your average head-unit’s EQ. I love the crossover freq knob for the sub channel. This is crucial and I will never live without one again. Having the subwoofer volume and fader right at my fingertips is also tremendous. The unit seems…

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