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Get The Power Of A SuperPod. The model TM4 SuperPod Large Portable Tripod for antennas, by Super Antenna. Whether your antenna tripod support needs are a DXpedition, air travel, apartment balcony, backyard, weekend get-away, indoors, field day, or an EmComm disaster relief antenna set up… this antenna tripod fulfills the need for rapid deployment in any environment. So many top operators choose the TM4 tripod because it is extremely compact and versatile. It enables the antenna to be mounted directly on the ground or floor, and elevates it up for superior performance on the air. It works with antennas of all types, including HAM, shortwave, Marine, CAP, MARS, MURS, CB, FRS, GMRS, and everything in between. EmComm – Portable – Mobile – Base – Backpack – Survivalist – Prepper – Pedestrian. Get the TM4 SuperPod, for a big signal in a small package.

Product Features

  • THIS IS: The model TM4 SuperPod Large Portable Tripod, for portable antennas, made by Super Antenna. Companion tripod to the #1 HF Portable Vertical Antenna worldwide, the MP1 Super Antenna series. Designed as part of a /portable /backpack /base /travel antenna system for Ham Radio. It is for transmitting and receiving on HF and VHF radio frequencies.
  • CONTENTS: TM4 SuperPod + UM3 SuperMount + TB4 Black Nylon Tripod Carry Bag. Designed for field deployment of Super Antenna MP1 and other types of antennas such as mobile ham or CB mobile antennas. Operators who demand top performance choose the SuperPod because it is reliable, compact, and versatile. Instantly expand it up to full size for EmComm severe weather operations, Backpacking, DXpeditions, or any type of base installation.
  • SIZE: Extends to 5 feet high, collapses and packs into a 24 inch bag for travel. The tripod legs footprint is 3 feet wide. When extended for operation, it puts the top of the MP1 SuperAntenna at 12 feet high. WEIGHT: Tripod with mount 2.5 pound (1.1kg). Carry case 0.25 pound (0.1kg). MOUNT POWER RATING: 500W SSB, 300W CW/DATA.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with all Super Antenna equipment, Ham radio mobile antennas, and CB mobile antennas. CONNECTOR: SO-239 (PL259 compatible). FITTINGS: Antenna fitting is radio industry standard 3/8″-24 female threads, compatible with standard ham and CB mobile antennas. Works with Ham, Marine, Government, NGO, CAP, MARS, EmComm, Shortwave, CB, MURS, FRS, GMRS, PMR, Weather, FM, Scanner, and everything in between.
  • RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: Super Antenna model MP1C SuperStick; Super Antenna MP1DXTR80; Super Antenna MP1DXR; Super Antenna MP1DX; Super Antenna model SW1 SuperWhip; Super Antenna model MC80 SuperCoil 80m/75m optional coil; Super Antenna Radial Sets models MR2Y (with MC2 SuperPlexer), MR642, MR8060, MR8075, MR4010, MR8075, MR6060, MR4020, MR2010, MR1710. THIS IS ONLY A TRIPOD FOR ANTENNAS. THIS IS NOT A CAMERA TRIPOD. THIS IS NOT A PHOTO TRIPOD.

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