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From low bars to more instantly. SureCall Flex2Go-RV boosts 3G for multiple people in an RV, semi truck, or big vehicle. Enhances talk, text, and basic 3G internet on ALL phones with ALL carriers while on the road. The Flex2Go-RV amplifier wirelessly enhances cell signals for multiple cellular devices (smartphones, tablets, Kindle, etc.). No more dropped calls, lost connections, and slow internet. Founded in 2001 and based out of Silicon Valley, SureCall has been solving frustrating cell phone reception problems with certified signal boosters for weak signal urban and remote rural areas. Satisfied clients include Chrysler, HP, Exxon Mobile, Stanford University, and many more.

Product Features

  • FCC Certified for new regulations and technical standards
  • Supports all 2G and 3G standards
  • Reconfigurable to fit all size vehicles with and without sun roofs
  • Approved by all US carriers
  • Completely eliminates interference to cell tower

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