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Frequency: Uplink: 824-849/1850-1910 Mhz

Downlink : 869-894/1930-1990Mhz

Input Impedance: 50 ohms
Average Gain: 50 dB
Standard Supported:CDMA / WCDMA,GSM,EDGE,TDMA AMP etc.
DC Power:DC Car Charger 5-15 V
RF Connectors: FME Male Connectors on both ends

Flex2Go dual band repeater kit. 50dB max. gain. Includes. omni donor & direct connected coverage antennas with 40′ coax assemblies

Product Features

  • Independently reconfigurable for each band
  • Stealth technology incorporated – uplink becomes dormant when not in use
  • Reconfigurable to fit all size vehicles with and without sun roofs
  • Fool-proof Plug and Play operation with Up to 600 sq. ft. coverage
  • FCC Certified for new regulations and technical standards and Approved by all US carriers

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