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This digital wireless rear view backup camera with audio is the perfect addition to any camper or RV on the market. This Rear view camera is built with automatic night vision and has a Digital wireless range of over 150 feet. The free audio upgrade is a limited time Amazon exclusive upgrade that gives your system the capability to hear what is happening behind your vehicle. This also comes in handy for those you want to use their backup camera for surveillance. This rearview backup system can operate while you are driving down the road or just when you go in reverse, it does both.

The installation is very easy, because everything is built in, you simply connect the monitor to 12 volt or a cigarette adapter (Included free) and then connect the camera to any 12 volts with the included plug and pigtails.

This system includes a Hi Definition 7-inch screen that was designed for the high quality image only available with digital systems. The reason we call this systems Built in is because they have their digital transmitters built directly into the backup camera and rear view monitor, this saves space and allows for better results and durability.

This system also includes a free cigarette adapter for your rear view monitor which will make it even easier to install the dash mount on any surface.

The Digital Wireless RV Box camera Has a 130 Degree viewable angle, its waterproof and has auto night vision. The camera is one of the most durable available, with incredible adjustability and night vision clarity. This RV backup camera has a metal sun shield visor to protect you from glare and pebbles. This is by far our toughest built camera, it can take a hit and keep running

It has also been very popular with Travel Trailers, because its housing allows you to install the cameras on multiple sides of your Trailer. The CCD lens is the clearest and highest quality camera Tadibrothers sells, also called the HD Backup Camera.

Product Features

  • Wireless Backup Camera that Works up to 150ft
  • 100% Weatherproof and shock resistant
  • Color LCD Monitor
  • NightVision
  • Easy to Install

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