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Everybody on the road has a responsibility to drive safely. This includes minimizing dangers associated with blind spots, which can be hazardous to yourself and to other people sharing the road. Fortunately, Tadi Brothers has a solution available for those who want to increase their range of vision – a high resolution backup camera. Our quality cameras remove the ambiguity from blind spots. Now, you can safely and confidently back up a large RV, change lanes, and see a full 120 Degree behind and to the side of your vehicle.

Installing this 120 Degree RV backup camera out of the box is simple. It is wireless up to 50 feet, so users don’t have to worry about messing with complicated wiring systems. It gives a mirrored image for an intuitive, natural feel.

You can set the camera to turn on only when you are backing up, or leave it on all of the time for constant use. It mounts easily on the top of your RV, providing a huge range of vision.

Many RV drivers prefer this camera it mounts easily on the sides as well, providing multiple viewing angles. You can point one lens at the road and the other at your hitch, for optimal safety and protection.

Keep in mind you need a monitor with an RCA input to receive the transmission. The Receiver also needs a 12V power source.

What does wireless mean? It means you don’t have to run a video cable from the back of your vehicle to the front, instead it’s wireless. However, you can use ANY 12V power source instead. The camera can be wired to the reverse light, an area light, anything that has power will be 12V. We also supply instructions and have tech support.

Product Features

  • Wireless Backup Camera that Works up to 15ft
  • 100% Weatherproof and shock resistant
  • Color LCD Monitor
  • NightVision
  • Easy to Install

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