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How does the 8-sensor system work:
• While braking, all 4 front sensors will be active. While reversing, 2 front & 4 rear sensors and LCD monitor will be active.

Tech Spec:
• Detection Angle: H>80°, V>90°
• Rate Voltage: 12V
• Front Sensor Detection Range: 0.98~3.28 ft
• Rear Sensor Detection Range: 0.98~7.54 ft

3 Alarm Modes:
• Beep: the closer the obstacle, the more rapid the sound.
• Matrix Light Bar: heartbeat tips to remind obstacle distance.
• Digital: precise figures shown on LCD screen.

Important Notice:
• For safety reasons, while braking, only the sensors sense obstacles, the LCD monitor will be active.
• Try to keep the sensors at the same level.
• In order to avoid detecting the ground, please keep the sensor and the ground has a distance of 19.6~23.6 in (21.6 in suggested).
• Please always keep the arrow (back of each sensor) up while installing.
• The Control Box should be mounted on side of the car trunk.

Installation Tools Required:
• Hole Saw (package included)
• Drill
• Needle Nose Pliers
• Thin Steel Wire
• Rasp
• Tape measures
• Marker Pen
• Screwdrivers
• Electrical Tape

Package Includes:
• 1 x Control Box
• 1 x LCD Monitor
• 1 x LCD Extension Cable (17.39 ft)
• 8 x Parking Sensors (cable: 8.2 ft)
• 4 x Front Sensor Extension Cable (14.76 ft)
• 1 x Power Cable (9.84 ft)
• 1 x Hole Saw (22mm / 0.85 in)
• 1 x User Manual
• 1 x Control Box Sticker

Product Features

  • Dual-core independent digital LCD display. With built-in microcomputer control, obstacle detection range can be accurate to centimeters.
  • Full-weather design, anti-wind, anti-sand, anti-fog, anti-frost, anti-ice, anti-snow, anti-rain sensor systems for enhanced coverage and detection.
  • 7-speed volume and 4 switchable sound modes: silent, buzzer, speaker, speaker + buzzer.
  • Three alarm modes: sound, matrix light bar & digital. Delicate sensors, easy to install and operate. Anti-electromagnetic interference.
  • Smart protection: while reversing, 2 front end sensors will be active to prevent angle rubbing.

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