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The newest accessory available from BlackVue turns your DR650GW-2CH (or DR650GW-2CH TRUCK) into a dashcam with backup camera! We’ve heard the demand for dashcams with backup camera capabilities, and BlackVue has stepped up to provide an awesome solution! The R-100 Rearview Kit from BlackVue comes with two main components: the R-100 control module, and the R-100L LCD screen. The control module connects in between the BlackVue DR650 front and rear cameras, and the LCD display connects directly to the control module. Did we mention the screen is a substantial 7 inches across? This kit will bring peace of mind to any driver of a large truck where backing up is always a challenging proposition; the large screen will help your driver determine if the path is clear as they are reversing.

The great thing about this kit is the flexibility it provides. The system can be set to automatically display the rear camera feed only when the vehicle is backing up, or it can be set to display the feed from the rear camera all the time. Either way, video from the rear camera is still always being stored to the memory card, in case of an incident or accident. This is a must for any fleet vehicle or business owner; you know how your trucks can be targets for those less than honest individuals out there.

The R-100 also acts as a repeater, extending the distance possible between the front unit of the DR650GW-2CH and the rear unit. The R-100 RCA output can even go to an existing display such as a factory navigation screen or aftermarket head unit, now that is too cool!

Product Features

  • Allows for DR650-series rear view camera feed to be displayed live, 7″ LCD Display
  • Can be configured to display rear feed automatically when reversing
  • Video button to manually trigger rear video feed, RCA Output for other video display
  • R-100L Display includes both recessed tray mount and pedestal mount
  • Input Power: 12-24V DC, Size: 98 x 57 x 15mm (3.8″L x 2.2″W 0.59″H)

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