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Solar panel:Polycrystalline 11V 30W
Battery:Lithium battery,7.4V 14AH
Light source:2x2W LED+2x3W LED

Package Includs:
1 solar systerm with panel
4pcs LEDs
3pcs 1m android phone charging cable+1 for Iphone 4 plug+1 for Iphone 6 plug
8pcs Tapping screw ∅4*40,plastic anchor 8pcs
16pcs stainless steel screw with plate 3M*15
16pcs Hexagon stainless steel nuts M3
4pcs H shape conjunction parts
4pcs support shelves
1pc Galvanized spanner

Chagre:The red indicator light will turn on when connect to solar panel where a input power from.
Load:The indicator light will turn on once any of the five outlets has been connect to load and there is a power output.

(1)Yellow area: low level of power stored in battery,the protection of over discharge function initiates;
(2)Green area: medium level of power,this area shows the battery works in normal condition.
(3)10V: Full power, the protection of over charge function initiates.

POWER:the switch for the whole system
(1)Turn on this switch,all outlets are ready to export power.The battery voltage needle points to Green area and shows how much power is stored in the battery.
(2)Turn off this switch,all outlets stop to export power.The battery voltage needle points to zero.

IN CHARGE:connect to solar panel to charge the battery.The solar panel will charge the battery no matter the switch is being Turned ON or OFF.When the panel connected to IN CHARGE with switch Turned ON,the CHARGE indicator will be lit up and the BATTERY VOLTAGE shows how much power the battery stores.The system can be charged and export power at the same time

NOTE:Except solar panel,this system can be charged by AC or DC power.Recommend to use transformer:AC:100V-240V with a power output DC:9V 2A

Product Features

  • ★ NEW DESIGN EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY ★ Keep your ordinary electricity need in the hurricane, snowstorm time, Combine the charging and lighting, with anti-reflective and high-transparency. This is a completely independent off-grid power system.
  • ★ FULL ACCESSORY EASY INSTALL POWER ★ Includes 1 10V 30W Flexible Solar Panel +1 Solar DC System + 2x 2W LED + 2x 3W LED + 2 for IPHONE 4&8 Adapter + 3 Cord, meet whole ordinary electricity need no any added cost. genuine energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • ★ WATERPROOF MULTI-PURPOSE SOLAR ★ Flexed panel can be mounted on a Curved Roof, RV, Travel Trailer, Van, Truck, Boat, Cabin, Tent or any other irregular surface. High waterproof grade never worry about rainy, hurricane, snowstorm outdoor using!
  • ★ FAST CHARGE PORTS & BRIGHT BULBS ★ The 5V 2A output is a universal charge port, can quickly charge your cellphone, digital devices, power bank, fan etc. The multiple outlets enable several LED bulbs working at the same time.
  • ★ POWERFUL LIGHTWEIGHT SOLAR KIT ★ Full kit only 9.9 lbs. EASY INSTALLATION, Working time: 2x 2W bulbs—13 to 14 hours, 2x 3W bulbs—10 to 12 hours, 4 bulbs—8 to 9 hours. Widely applied to the wild, home, outdoor such as patio, garden, outdoor party, camping, snack street etc.

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Finally, you can leave the light switch on when you leave the room! Hyperikon’s Radar A21 bulbs utilize motion sensor technology to bring a new way of lighting to every corner of your home.  Infrared sensors built into the bulbs detect when you’re nearby and flip the lights on for you. Don’t worry – after you’re 16’ away for more than one minute, the Hyperikon Radar A21 bulbs shut off by themselves, saving you precious energy and providing an ultra-convenient way to light your home! Great for living rooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and more.

• Kitchens
• Living Rooms
• Dining Rooms
• Bedrooms
• Hallways

• Infrared Sensor technology turns the lights on and off for you as you enter and leave the area
• Replaces your current 75-Watt incandescent bulb, saving you up to $80 in energy costs per year
• Lasts 45,000+ hours versus incandescent bulbs that have a 1,000-5,000 hour lifespan
• Dimmable
• UV and mercury-free, unlike fluorescent bulbs
• 5-year unlimited Hyperikon warranty – the most hassle-free warranty program in the US.

• Reduce your electricity bill and save money
• Help preserve the environment by reducing carbon footprint
• New technology provides increased lifespan compared to less-efficient incandescent

Product Features

  • ✔ SAVE 84% INSTANTLY – Cut down your electricity bill by up to 84% by replacing 75W with 12W!
  • ✔ MOTION SENSOR TECHNOLOGY – Infrared sensors detect motion within 6′-10′, even through walls. Simply walk into range – or out of range for 2-5 minutes – to power the bulbs on and off!
  • ✔ 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME – With an astonishing life rating of 45,000 hours, or 21 years with 6 hrs/day of use, replacing your bulbs is now a thing of the past.
  • ✔ SUPER BRIGHT – Bring your home the best lighting available with an incredible minimum of 92lm/watt. Illuminate the darker corners of your home!
  • ✔ HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY – Hyperikon’s five-year unlimited warranty means we’ve got you covered! Contact us for an easy and fast replacement.

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Connections for your smart life
Records video clips when there any motion events detected. You can remotely view live video only from Smartphones, not support other platform at present.
The Motion Sensor of Multi-zone and Adjustable sensitivity. If any motion detected, will Alerts through APP push notifications(IOS and Android) to keep you notified.
Utilizing advanced H.264 technology, uses minimal bandwidth and storage requirements with smooth real-time video and audio streaming. 360-Degree Wide angle view with 1/3” fisheye Lens allows you monitoring your whole house with clear HD video.

Fast and easy setup
Simply scan, connect, and See What you want!
View your camera online Within minutes. With the P2P Server Technology, no complicated port mapping or DDNS settings needed. It’s very simple and smoothly.

Product Features
Resolution: 1280X920P (1.3MP)
Power supply: AC100-240V
Power port: E27/E26 port
Built-in Lens: 1.44mm, 360° fisheye lens
viewing angle: 360°
Audio: Two-way intercom
Operating temperature: -5-40℃
Video frame rate: Maximum 25 frame
Lens: PUWELL fisheye lens L013F1222MP3IR
Audio input and output: Input: Built-in microphone; output: built-in speaker
IR: By photo resistor sensor switch, LED lights night vision 10 meters, (optional IR-CUT automatic switching)
Local storage: TF card, maximum support 128G
Alarm action: Mobile client push Screenshots
Connection requirement: WiFi/Showmo Cloud Account/Support IOS 8.0 or Android 4.0 above phone or tablet

UOKOO supplies Best after sales service with 180 days return and 18 month free warranty. You can contact us any time via email:info@uokoo.com or Skype: UOKOO Team


Product Features

  • ✔ SUPER WIDE VIEW ANGLE: 360-Degree panoramic view angle with 1/3” fisheye Lens, no blind area, see the entire room in stunning HD video quality during the day or at night(with Night Vision). 960P HD Video format: 1280×1024(1.3MP) Resolution with genuine color by H.264 compression format.
  • ✔ MOTION DETECTION: Get informed about every movement in your house via phone push notification or store the alert pictures on Micro SD. The motion detection sensors ‘feel’ it when something is moving in the room and will let you know immediately. Perfect for surveillance.
  • ✔ NIGHT VISION AND TWO-WAY AUDIO: Night vision up to 16-feet – never miss a moment, day or night, with visibility up to 16 feet in complete darkness. Communicate with family, friends and your pets on mobile devices. Talk to camera or listen to camera, there is no distance to communicate with anyone.
  • ✔ SIMPLE AND EASY MOBILE Wi-Fi SETUP: Quick Wi-Fi setup via iOS or Android Smartphone using supplied APP. Remote access to the camera on Smartphone via your mobile 4G network or WiFi.
  • ✔ ADVANCED VIDEO RECORDING: Record, store and review footage using a Micro SD card(up to 128G) and manage directly from your mobile device. Alert pictures will be stored on the SD card, and you can playback the videos on your phone.

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Gold Stars LED replacement lights are built with the environment-friendly technology and materials. This Gold Stars LED features: 1156 Base; 8-30 volts DC including 12v or 24v – the wide-range voltage is designed to withstand RV power fluctuations that can damage ordinary LED lights; 190 lumens; Natural White Color; 2.53 Power watts; 21 High power 5050 SMD LEDs; beam pattern 360 degrees; and color temperature of 4000-4500K. Each Gold Star LED bulb has a life expectancy of 60,000 hours – many times longer than a standard bulb – which saves money and time, especially in those hard-to-reach places. This product does not contain mercury or emit ultraviolet (UV) light. There are no moving parts or filaments, so it can withstand shaking and vibration. It’s made with high quality SMDs (surface-mounted device) on aluminum base and weighs approximately 1 ounce.

Product Features

  • 60,000 hours life expectancy
  • 8-30 volts DC including 12v and 24v; the wide-range voltage is designed to withstand RV power fluctuations
  • LED Replacement light bulb for bulbs with BA15S T25 base, popularly known as 1156 or 1141 base
  • Low heat, safe to touch, and instantly bright
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly

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1156: Auto LED light bulb / 10 pack


BASE: 1156 BA15S / 1141

LED TYPE: 5050 – 18SMD

LED COLOR: Cold White – Super Bright

BRIGHTNESS: 8,000 K (kelvin) presence


LUMEN: 180 Lum

Usage reference:

*Vehicle tail lights
*Vehicle reverse lights
*Vehicle brake lights
*Vehicle turn/ side marker lights

Product description:

•      BriteNways LED bulb is the go to replacement for standard incandescent bulbs illuminating your vehicle interior and exterior auto parts.

•      Our popular 1156 model type is manufactured to fit vehicle tail lights, reverse lights, brake lights, turn signal and side marker lights.

•      Each bulb features an 18 count LED influx for maximum light emission which creates a 360 viewing angle. The solid state circuitry offered via LED lighting guarantees durability while utilizing low electrical power intake and emitting light which is 300% brighter than traditional bulbs.

•       Its 13 lumen capacity produces maximum color brightness with reduced hot spots, the ultimate in lighting solutions. Going green is on our mind too, hence the eco friendly bonus of bulb perfection with low heat exposure and mercury free emittance.

•       With a usage of 60k hours and an easy fit installation via our BA15S socket adaptor, you will be glad you tried the brighter way today.

If they don’t light after inserting into the socket, just insert oppositely or flip the bulb horizontally to match the + and – polarity. Also, try to pull the pins on the base outwards and sideways a little in case the bulb is slightly loose in socket.

Product Features

  • *COMPATIBILITY REPLACEMENT: 1156 model type is EASILY integrated as a REPLACEMENT for the following bulb BULB MODEL NUMBERS: 1073, 1095, 1141, 1156A, 1156NA, 1195, 12088, 1295, 1295NA, 199, 2396, 3497, 631, 7506, 93, 97, 97A, 97NA
  • *TIME SPAN: 60K HOUR OPERATING SPAN: Why opt for constant maintenance while on the road. NEVER CHANGE A BULB AGAIN, At least not as far as your car is concerned. With the addition of BriteNway’s LED model, your car will be bright for the races, WITH A WHOPPING 60K HOUSE TIME SPAN.
  • *COLOR and BRIGHNESS: Cold white 8,000 K (kelvin) presence;13 lumen capacity: Want uber cool lighting genius within your car? The high kelvin count reaching 8,000k within our 1156 LED bulb will deliver cold white hues with spot on vision performance. Add the 13 lumen brilliance capacity for PARAMOUNT BRIGHTNESS. THE DUO TECHNOLOGY INPUT GUARANTEES A STELLAR ROAD TRIP LIGHTING EXPERIENCE.
  • *18 LEDs PER BULB; BA15S 15mm socket: When it comes to lighting perfection, both quality and quantity matter. We’ve assessed and trial tested each detail, down to the microchip technology and light base socket connectors. The end result is visible in the 1156’s BRIGHTER VIEW CAPACITY AND SUPER EASY CLICK AND TWIST INSTALLATION.
  • *OUR BRAND: our LED Series have satisfied customers worldwide with SUPERIOR PRODUCTS QUALITY AND SERVICE. Ordinary just doesn’t make the cut when it comes to a BriteNway certified product. We NEVER take no for an answer when it comes to product superiority. Except when the environment, or your health, is a risk factor. That’s “no UV or mercury exposure” within any of our brilliantly crafted LED lighting products. We do, however, PERFECT each detail with SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY AND QUALITY MANUFACTURING. In fact, we’re so confident in our bulb supply, we’ll even offer a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. HOW’S THAT FOR RISK FREE ILLUMINATION?

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