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BV7280 In-Dash Single-DIN Digital Media AM/FM Receiver With 3.2 Inch Widescreen TFT Digital Monitor


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Compatible With Audio and Video Output of iPod / iPhone, Smartphones, and MP3 Players

On the front of the BV7280 is an input labeled “AV IN,” which allows the input of audio and video signals from MP3 players, smartphones, and portable music players using a cable with two 3.5mm male plugs.

Important: Please note that this feature is not the same as the “Full iPod Control.” This feature will only allow you to control your music and video by clicking on the designated buttons via the face or front side of your unit.

Detachable Face Plate

The front face plate detaches and you can carry it with you in the included hard-cover carrying case.

Switchable US & Europe Tuner Frequencies

If you happen to take the BV7280 outside of the U.S., you are able to pick up European frequencies so that you can enjoy your music abroad as well.

Output Power: 80 Watts x 4 Channels

The BV7280 offers four channels that can be used to hook up four speakers. Typically though, it is a much better practice to have an amplifier running your system.

Supported Playback
  • MP3 / WMA
Inputs and Outputs
  • USB & SD Memory Ports
  • Front Audio/Video Inputs
  • Left, Right and Subwoofer Outputs
  • Video Output
  • Rear Camera Input
What’s in the Box
  • BV7280
  • Remote Control
  • Instruction manual
  • Hard-cover (detachable face) carrying case
  • ISO Plug A
  • ISO Plug B
  • Removal keys
  • Wire harness

USB and SD Memory Ports
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Front A/V Input
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Rear Audio/Video RCA Outputs
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Detachable face plate
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Product Comparison

Model Bluetooth Audio Full iPod Control USB/SD Ports Touchscreen Bluetooth Hands-Free iPod Audio Output Steering Wheel Interface Subwoofer Out Video Out Rear Camera Input A/V Input Output Power
BV9986BI 85W x 4 CH
BV9567BI 85W x 4 CH
BV9362BI 80W x 4 CH
BV8967B 80W x 4 CH
BV7948B 80W x 4 CH
BV7942 80W x 4 CH
BV7335B 80W x 4 CH
BV7280 80W x 4 CH

Product Features

  • This unit is a DVD receiver, not a DVD player
  • 3.2″ widescreen Digital TFT monitor
  • Resolution: 960 x 240 Pixels
  • Rear view camera input
  • USB and SD memory card ports
  • Subwoofer preamp output

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