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ONE20 helps you plan trips, navigate safely, and save money along the way. The ONE20 Professional Driver Tablet is a dependable, easy-to-use, 8-inch, high definition Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet built for life on the road as a professional truck driver. Enjoy 16GB of internal memory storage, built in WiFi, and a large battery life good for up to 13 hours of use.

Unlike traditional trucker navigation devices, the ONE20 tablet comes preloaded with mobile apps and utilities professional drivers use most and can be personalized by accessing the Google Play store. You’ll have access to any app that connects you to home, information, and tools needed to get the job done right.

The ONE20 Professional Driver Tablet comes complete with:

  • Pre-installed ONE20 application with Truck-Safe Navigation
  • Truck ready suction mount with magnetic dock
  • Protective Case
  • 12 volt charger for in vehicle use
  • Wall charger with micro USB cable
  • Powered by the ONE20 app, you’ll have access to powerful tools and great deals from the moment you start up your device, including truck-safe turn-by-turn navigation, a deal locator, and enhanced insights into truck locations and amenities you’ll find along your route. Find more predictability in your day with the route planning feature, reliable ETAs, deal locators, up-to-date maps, and traffic and weather reports.

    Product Features

    • SMART TURN-BY-TURN TRUCK-SAFE GPS NAVIGATION – Using proprietary software, plan the best route based on your truck profile – heavy-duty, box truck, or light – factoring in bridge and height limits, load limits, weight limits, truck-restricted roads, and much more, helping to plan the most safe and efficient trucking route
    • EXCLUSIVE TRUCKER DEALS AND DISCOUNTS – ONE20 helps truckers SAVE money on everyday necessities based on your location and route; Save money at truck stops, on food, nearby hotels, trucking services, electronics, equipment, and much more
    • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – High-power suction mount for easy installation in your cab, protective case, cradle, and charging cables
    • STAY CONNECTED – Optional 10GB data plan or use the built in Wi-Fi. Help other truckers by updating weigh station statuses, parking availability, and wait times. PLAN your next trip with information on the places most important to you, including travel centers, rest areas, and restaurants
    • HD SAMSUNG TABLET – Rock-solid Tab E, 8 inch HD display, front and rear cameras, 13-hour use battery life, microSD Card Slot

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