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An Amazing Whole-House HDTV Antenna Solution with NO monthly fees

Get rid of multiple antennas and connect up to 4 TVs to the one amplified HDTV antenna. The Marathon makes things simpler and saves you the high costs of cable and satellite subscription fees.

Super Long-range Reception power like no other Antenna

This 100 mile indoor and outdoor TV antenna offers high-power amplification to deliver the best network and independent channels into any room in your house. To view stations available in your area, visit the FCC Reception Map located here: https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps.

Cutting edge design and technology

Years of research have gone into producing the Marathon High-Definition TV Antenna. Engineering and circuitry design allow this Whole-House antenna to capture signals up to 100 miles away, especially in the tough VHF bandwidth range. It includes built-in instant signal amplification that’s 4K ready, indoor/outdoor durability in a compact sealed unit design that also receives AM/FM signals, and the latest 4G/LTE filter circuitry for noise free reception.

Easy 3-step installation

The setup is super easy, using standard cable and 110V outlet.

  • Consult with Free Signal TV Customer Care for expert advice on installation and aiming guidance. PH: 859-250-9538

    Product Features

    • The #1 Whole-House Digital HDTV Antenna – The Free Signal TV Marathon Antenna is a household name that guarantees quality.
    • The Marathon Antenna Saves You Money – Eliminate expensive cable and satellite services for local and regional TV channels.
    • Highest-rated Long Range HDTV Antenna on the Market – No other 100 mile amplified HDTV antenna delivers better results to its customers.
    • Minimal Noise, Maximum Power – The advanced circuitry of this top rated amplified HDTV antenna results in low < 3.5 dB noise and powerful 40 dBi gain.
    • One TV Antenna for Whole House Digital TV – Ditch multiple antennas, use the Marathon HDTV antenna to connect all the TVs in your house with one easy one hook-up to existing cable wiring.

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Color: Multi-Band RV Cell Booster

Frequency Range:

Band 12/17: Uplink 698~716MHz; Downlink 728~746MHz

Band 13: Uplink 776~787MHz; Downlink 746~757MHz

Band 5: Uplink 824~849MHz; Downlink 869~894MHz

Band 2: Uplink 1850~1910MHz; Downlink 1930~1990MHz

Band 4: Uplink 1710~1755MHz; Downlink 2110~2155MHz

Max. Gain: 50dB

Max. Output Power: 20dBm

I/O Port: FME-male

Impedance: 50 ohm

Operating Temperature: -25ºC+55ºC

Power Supply x 2: 1 x Car adapter–Input 12-24V, Output DC 5V 1.5A

1 x House adapter–Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz ,Output DC 5V 1A


1. 1x RV Use Mobile Booster

2. 1x Outside Omni-directional Antenna

3. 1x Inside Panel Antenna

4. 1x Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 1 x House Adapter

5. 2x Mounting Screw Kit

6. 1x English User Manual


It’s better no less than 2 bars outside the car as our signal booster doesn’t generate cell signal.

This is a Consumer device.

Before use, you must register this device with your wireless provider and have your provider’s consent.Most wireless providers consent to the use of signal boosters.Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network .if you are unsure ,contact your provider.You must operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer.Antenna must be installed at least 20 cm(8 inches) from any person.You must cease operating this device immediately if requested by the FCC or a licensed wireless service provider.

Warning: E911 location information may not be provided or maybe inaccurate for calls served by using this device.This device maybe operated only in a fixed location for in-building use.

Product Features

  • 【Boost Voice & Data Signal】 RV signal booster boosts cellular signal GSM 3G call voice & text, 4G data speed, reduces your dropped calls and brings you faster data in the vehicles (especially big vehicles like RV/motorhome, truck, bus, van and boat) up to 32x.
  • 【Work with All US Carriers】Multi-band booster supports All US Carriers GSM, 3G, 4G LTE cell signal including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint,T-mobile and more on band 2/4/5/12/13/17.
  • 【Support Multiple Users】 Supports multiple cellular devices simultaneously. All your family can share enhanced signal with one booster, you can stream videos or make calls as long as you like no matter in winter or summer, brings you more convenience on road.
  • 【More Unique Functions】The booster has LED Indicators, Automatic Gain Control and Self-oscillation Elimination functions. When the outside signal is too strong, the booster can automatically reduce the gain and interference signal to give you best signal.
  • 【Warmest Warranty】FCC Certified, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee, 3 Months Replacement, 5 Years Free Repairs. Professional Technical Support: us@proutone.net.

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Renogy’s 270 Watt 24 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel is ideal for any large solar system. Use this 24 volt panel to convert your house to solar or power your off-grid cabin, as well as any commercial application. Equipped with industry standard MC4 connectors, this polycrystalline solar panel is ready to connect at any time. Start building your system today with Renogy’s 270 Watt 24 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel.

Maximum Power: 270W
Maximum System Voltage: 1000 VDC (UL)
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 31.40V
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 38.60V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 8.60A
Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 9.03A
Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 15A
One Piece Dimensions: 64.96 x 39.25 x 1.57 inch
One Piece Weight: 42.8lbs

Product Features

  • 【Reliable】Advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations to enhance cell performance and provide a long service life. EL tested solar modules; no hot-spot heating . Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments. TPT back sheet ensures smooth performance over a long period of time.
  • 【Durable】 positive output tolerance (0-3%); withstands high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa). Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades. Anti-reflective, high transparency, low iron-tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance. IP67 rated junction box provides complete protection against environmental particles and low pressure water jets.
  • 【Versatile】Can be used for many different applications; ideal for residential and commercial rooftop systems. Ground mount compatible. Compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters.
  • 【Installation Ready】Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for fast mounting and securing. Pre-drilled holes included for grounding. Ideal with large rail mounts for extra support and security.
  • 【 Information】25-year power output : 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate. 10-year material and workmanship .

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RV 506 parked at Custom House Quay prior to departing for Donabate and Portrane with a 33D. 18/12/2009