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Input Voltage: DC12-24V
USB Output Voltage: DC5V/2.4A, DC5V/1A
USB Output Currency: 2.4A+1A
Cigarette Lighter Output Power: 2* 40W, 1*100W
Cable Length: 87cm

Phones, tablets, iPad, iPod, GPS, coffee warmer, cameras, MP3 player, radar detector…

This cigarette is a perfect solution if we need to use many electronic accessories with our car cigarette lighter at the same time including USB powered devices.

Product Features

  • There are 3 cigarette lighters and 2 USB chargers in total. Car travel with children means we need as many power plugs as we can handle. This unit allows for everything to charge without any fights! The 3 cigarette lighters with max 180W output power, which supply one device below 100W, and other two ones below 40W simultaneously. About two USB ports, 2.4A for tablets and cameras, radar detector charging, 1A for phones charging simultaneously.
  • This adapter has a fuse in the metal cap that we can access by twisting the metal cap off and it also comes with a spare fuse. Also come with an extra fuse in case is needed. We may never have to replace a fuse but good to know I have one just in case.
  • The car cigarette power plugs have individual switches for each plug so we could turn them on and off separately.
  • Low voltage alarm, the built-in buzzer alarms if the voltage of car is too low, to warn drivers in advance.
  • Mount the adapter onto console to prevent it from sliding around, with a rotatable bracket, it is more convenient for our charging. The 87cm cable is long enough to reach the back seats, which makes it easy for friends in the backseat to grab a charge for their devices.

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