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Bouncie is a 3G vehicle tracking and connected car device that upgrades any vehicle into a smart car in under 5 minutes with no tools or wires required. For just $8/month you get: Location – Bouncie updates the vehicle’s location while driving then records it’s location when it’s parked. Habits – Real-time driving insights. With notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, and more, better decisions can be made while on the road. Speed Bands – Speed Bands display your drive in color. Bouncie will uniquely color your drive for each speed range you setup! Vehicle Health Manage the little things before they become big problems. Bouncie monitors your vehicle’s health and alerts you when something needs your attention. Geo-Circles It’s now easy to stay updated when vehicles arrive or when they leave, using Geo-Circle you can drop a circle anywhere; home, school, a friend’s house, the mall! Multiple Logins Share the ‘keys’ to Bouncie with anyone! Access to the app can be enabled for others so they can stay connected to your vehicles. There is no limit on sharing!

Product Features

  • $8.00 MONTHLY 3G SERVICE REQ’D Cancel Anytime Save with 3 or more!
  • LOCATION TRACKING – 1-Minute Updates – Driving-in-Progress – Pinpoint Accuracy – Trip Start and End Addresses
  • NOTIFICATIONS & ALERTS – Acceleration – Braking – Speed – Curfew & More – Easy Sharing
  • VEHICLE INFORMATION – Health Diagnostics – Reminders – Renewals
  • TRIP HISTORY – Trip Tagging – Mileage Records – Reports – Statistics – Mobile and Desktop View

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