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The XT2000 is a plug and play real-time GPS tracking device that plugs directly into and is powered by the OBD II (Onboard Diagnostics) port of any vehicle (1996 and newer). With no batteries to recharge and an installation time of less than 20 seconds, the XT2000 is the ideal GPS solution for any vehicle tracking application, such as:

– Concerned parents monitoring a new teen driver

– Keeping track of elderly family members

– Delivery Vehicles

– Fleet Tracking and Management

In the fleet management industry, OBD tracking devices are the preferred solution because of their ease of use and reliability. There are over 2 million XT2000 trackers deployed, identifying it as a leader in the GPS tracking industry.

Does My Vehicle Have an OBD II Port?

OBD (Onboard Diagnostics): All cars and light trucks manufactured for sale in the United States after January 1, 1996 (including late 1995 models) were required to be OBD II equipped.

Our GPS tracking platform (accessible from any computer or mobile device) is designed for both consumer and commercial use. Our service delivers features that you’d expect, such as a real-time look at exactly where the vehicle is located, but also has many more detailed features that we can’t even fit into this listing. The intuitive interface of our proprietary web-based tracking software gives you one-click access to current location, last 24-hours chart, or history based on start/end dates. Click the real-time button to watch it move across the map live. Easily create travel logs and mileage reports.

This listing is for the tracker only – use requires a one-time $50 SIM activation fee and monthly subscription (see image above for plan rates).

Product Features

  • Install the tracking device in seconds – Powered by the OBD port – no batteries to recharge
  • Works with JLM Security Products’ GPS Track Manager cloud-based platform – Login using any Internet-connected PC, Mac, Smart Phone, or Tablet from anywhere, any time
  • Define your own geofence boundaries so you know when the tracker has entered or exited your user-defined zone – this is the same technology used by law enforcement to enforce house arrest inmates, restraining orders, etc.
  • Receive Location, Speed, and Geofence Alerts via SMS text message and/or Email – Enter unlimited phone numbers/email address to receive the real-time alerts
  • With the click of one button, see the exact location of your tracker (or multiple trackers on the same account) and watch them move across the map in real time as the tracker sends reports.

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