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Introducing the 360, Cobra’s elite, front-line radar detector. With dual antennas for “True 360” directional arrows, advanced digital signal processing and exclusive software for impressive range, precision, and ultra-fast processing. Optimized to deliver the three most demanded radar detector features, at the highest level: extra-long range, pinpoint accuracy and True 360 detection, the 360 is designed to do just that.

Product Features

  • FRONT And REAR ADVANCED SENSORS W/ 360° DIRECTIONAL ALERT ARROWS – lightning fast detection w/ DSP Technology to find threats fast and accurately. Front and rear antennas scan completely around you; you’ll pinpoint the signal to stay ahead of the threat
  • ELIMINATE FALSE ALERTS – Receive fewer false alerts and make informed decisions quickly w/ customizable high-resolution multi-color graphic display. GPS based AutoLearn provides 5 levels of filters, so you only see/hear real threats on the road.
  • CONNECT TO iRadar FOR UPCOMING THREATS ALERTS, POLICE LOCATIONS and RED-LIGHT CAMERAS – iRadar App (included) provides enhanced crowd sourced alerts and connects via Bluetooth with optional Defender Database subscription
  • SIMPLE COMMUNICATION – Keep operation of your radar detector simple and effortless. The directional arrows locate the threat, the High-Resolution Display shows you the threat type and Voice Alerts in dual languages make for an effective hands-free drive
  • SECURELY ATTACHES W/ EZ MAG WINDSHIELD MOUNT and INCLUDES SMARTCORD USB CHARGING PORT – Everything you need and more in a convenient travel bag

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