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Camco’s RV Gen-Turi Generator Exhaust Venting System is designed for close quarters at RV rallies and tailgate the parties that create a need for noise as well as exhaust fume reduction. This Gen-turi diverts nasty fumes away from the ground, where they won’t be inhaled by neighboring RVers. It directs generator exhaust above the roof line while reducing noise and weighs only nine lbs. This system is easy to install and disconnects quickly.

The Camco Gen-turi RV Generator Exhaust System is a venting system designed specifically for RV generators that provides for fresher air around RVs as well as reduces generator noise. The Gen-turi utilizes a tubing and coupling system to raise generator exhaust above the top level of your RV. It can be used with RVs utilizing virtually any exhaust pipes size by way of a variety of adapters. Additional features include: light weight design, a rubberized stabilizing/sound reduction system and a storage bag.

An artist's rendition of the Camco Gen-turi RV Generator Exhaust Venting System at work

Vent generator exhaust for cleaner air and quieter conditions.
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Reduce RV Generator Exhaust and Noise

RV generators are a popular and convenient tool for providing instant power when you on the road, but close quarters at rallies, tailgate parties and at campgrounds create a need for a reduction in the noise and exhaust fumes that they generate. This is where Gen-turi comes in. The Gen-turi is made specifically for use with RV generators,* when the vehicle is at rest. It diverts nasty fumes away from the ground, where they can be inhaled by neighboring RVers and campers, allowing you all your comforts while remaining a good neighbor. As generator exhaust is vented above the roof line of the RV and is also air cooled in a patented process.

Parts that come with the Camco Gen-turi RV Generator Exhaust Venting System

Everything you need, including a range of adapters, right out of the box.
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The Camco Gen-turi RV Generator Exhaust Venting System explained

Rising hot air draws in cooler air, diluting fumes and reducing noise.
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The Camco Gen-turi RV Generator Exhaust Venting System attaching to a RV generator exhaust pipe

Easy assembly and quick disassembly when it is time to hit the road.
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Dilution of fumes leads to less rattle that is often transferred to the vehicle body, and then the surrounding area, resulting in reducing noise all around. The Gen-turi is also conveniently light weight at only nine pounds, and comes with its own soft storage bag.

How it Works

Exhaust “noise” comes from two sources: vibration and the sound made by the actual gases leaving the exhaust pipe. Most manufacturers mount generators in a manner that uses some type of rubber material to isolate the vibration of the generator. Even though the Gen-turi is rigidly secured to the exhaust system, rubber straps are used to stabilize the Gen-turi to the coach. This prevents transferring the vibration noise of the generator system to the coach. As an added benefit, the noise made by the gases discharging from the generator exhaust pipe is diverted upward, above the roof line of the coach. As a result, in most installations, the exhaust system is actually quieter with the Gen-turi installed.


The Camco Gen-turi Air Cooled Generator Exhaust System is designed for near universal compatibility. With that in mind, it can be used with any recreational vehicle that utilizes an exhaust pipe with an outside diameter of 1″, 1¼”, 1⅜”, 1½”, 1⅝”, 1¾”, and 2″. Adapters required for 1¼”, 1⅜”, and 1½” are included. These will accommodate most installations. Adapters required for 1″, 1⅝”, 1¾”, and 2″ may be purchased separately.

It is recommended that the Genturi exhaust pipe extend 6″ above your RV’s roofline. Genturi has an overall length of 120″. Please measure your RV for compatibility.

Key Features

  • Vents RV generator exhaust up and away resulting in cleaner air for you and your neighbors
  • Rubberized Gen-turi bungee and eye straps work together to limit vibration and reduce noise
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Dissembles quickly when you are ready to hit the road
  • Wide range of adapters provided
  • Provided storage bag means no lost parts

What’s in the Box

  • 1 – top tube
  • 1 – middle tube with coupling
  • 1 – lower tube w/stainless steel elbow
  • 1 – Gen-turi bungee with two S-hooks
  • 1 – Gen-turi storage bag
  • 2 – eye straps with 4 rivets and heavy-duty double-sided tape
  • 1 – wire lock pin (D-Clip)
  • 1 – 1½” muffler clamp
  • 1 – 1½” mounting adapter
  • 1 – 1¼” slotted bushing
  • 1 – 1½” mounting adapter
  • 1 – 1⅜” slotted bushing

About Camco Manufacturing

Camco started in 1966 with one employee and one product. Today, over 40 years later, we have more than 350 employees, over 3,000 products and five manufacturing facilities to better serve our customers’ needs. Our home office is in Greensboro, North Carolina. We also have locations in Elkhart, Indiana; Portland, Oregon; Leominster, Massachusetts and our newest facility in Beilun, China.

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*The Gen-turi should not be used on generators not specifically designed for and used in an RV.

Product Features

  • Diverts nasty fumes away from the ground and above the roofline, so they won’t be inhaled by neighboring RVers
  • Installs easily and disconnects quickly
  • Weighs only nine lbs
  • Reduces generator noise
  • Genturi has an overall length of 120″. 18″ extensions are available (Camco# 44872) for taller RV’s.

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