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The KING MB160 Cab Mount Bracket allows you to permanently mount your KING satellite antenna to the back of a long-haul truck. The built-in shock absorbers protect the antenna from potential damage caused by road vibration. Constructed from power-coated, heavy gauge steel with vibration isolators, the Cab Mount Bracket is designed for strong support and durability, offering the perfect solution for long-term, outdoor use. The two-piece bracket construction, supplied with heavy-duty stainless steel bolts to connect the upper and lower bracket, allow for level mounting of the antenna on sloped-backed cabs. The KING antenna is mounted to the upper bracket via four independent multi-axis vibration mounts. The mount is compatible with the following KING satellites antennas: KING Quest for DIRECTV (VQ4100), KING Quest for Bell (VQ4200), DISH Tailgater (VQ4400), KING Tailgater (VQ4500), KING Quest Pro (VQ4800), KING Tailgater Pro (VQ4900), KING Tailgater (DT4400) KING Tailgater Pro (DTP4900). Simply choose the KING portable satellite antenna that’s right for you and use the Cab Mount Bracket for easy installation. It’s never been easier to stay connected and get satellite TV service anywhere you go.

Product Features

  • Cab Mount Bracket permanently attaches your KING antenna to rear of truck cab
  • Built-in, multi-axis vibration isolation
  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Easily paintable to match truck color
  • Compatible with KING Quest for DIRECTV (VQ4100), KING Quest for Bell (VQ4200), DISH Tailgater (VQ4400), KING Tailgater (VQ4500), KING Quest Pro (VQ4800), KING Tailgater Pro (VQ4900), KING Tailgater (DT4400) KING Tailgater Pro (DTP4900)

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Drowsy driving is number one cause of fatal road accidents however human can not control sleepiness and most of the common technologies alarm drivers just too late.

Stopsleep is unique and highly effective driver fatigue alarm that alerts up to 5 minutes BEFORE dangerous drowsy driving.

Drive Alert, Arrive Alive!

Stopsleep smart ring continuously measures Your levels of awareness and concentration by using 8 built-in cutaneous sensors which monitor your electrodermal activity that represents Your brain activity and by measuring this activity, StopSleep can accurately gauge your levels of awareness and concentration.

As soon as Your level of concentration starts to drop, StopSleep will alert You immediately. So now You can avoid the dangerous fatigue and stay safe on the road.

StopSleep has been the subject of a detailed scientific study undertaken by the National Scientific Research Centre in France. The results of this study have proved the effectiveness of StopSleep in alerting at two levels: initial signs of drowsiness.

Package including:

Gift box

Stopsleep device

Protective case

USB cable

Vehicle charger

Home charger

User manual.


Only Stopsleep can alert You BEFORE nap

Innovative, potentially lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm

Very lightweight

Fast charging and long battery life

Perfect for anyone who needs to keep alert on duty, like drivers, guards, machine operators, and even students

Type: Electronic detector, Drowsy driver alert, Driver alarm, Drowsiness detection system, Nap zapper

Main Function: Anti Sleep Alarm Driver Alertness System, Anti-fatigue lifesaver

Alarm mode: Vibrate or Loud Beep Alert

BUY NOW and join thousands of drivers and protect Yourself and Your family!

Product Features

  • Alarms BEFORE drowsy driving (up to 5 minutes BEFORE)
  • Scientifically tested by the National Center for Scientific Research
  • Universal fit safe driving device – one size fits all. Stylish design and allergen proof material
  • No special set-up or maintenance required. Ready to use straight from the box
  • Fast charging and long operation time lane departure forward collision prevention

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