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Whistler CR65 Laser Radar Detector – Laser, VG-2, X-band, K-band, Ka Band, Ka Superwide – VG-2 Alert – Dim, Highway – 360¿ Detection

Brand Name: Whistler
Detection Area: 360¿
Frequency Band: K-band
Frequency Band: Ka Band
Frequency Band: Ka Superwide
Frequency Band: Laser
Frequency Band: VG-2
Frequency Band: X-band
Operating Mode: Dim
Operating Mode: Highway
Product Type: Radar Detector
Shadow Technology: VG-2 Alert

General Information
Brand Name: Whistler
Manufacturer Part Number: CR65
Manufacturer: Whistler Group, Inc
Product Model: CR65
Product Name: CR65 Laser Radar Detector
Product Type: Radar Detector

Features: Audible Alert
Features: Safety Alert
Features: Signal Strength Meter
Features: Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR)

Physical Characteristics
Color: Black
Depth: 4.5
Height: 1.3
Weight (Approximate): 4.96 oz

Product Features

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•Internal Battery Charger

•Icon Display Provides Distinct Visual Confirmation Of Signals Detected, Signal Strength, And Indicates Engaged Modes Of Operation

•Patented PopTM Mode Detection Advanced Speed Detection Capability Responds To Brief Bursts Of Radar

•Total BandTM Protection

•360° Maxx Coverage Protects From Front, Sides, And Rear

•3 City Modes Reduce The Annoyance Of False Alerts

•High Gain Lens Provides Increased Field Of View

•Tone Alerts Provide Audible Alerts For Bands Received

•Stay AlertTM Whistler’S Exclusive Feature That Tests Your Alertness On Long Trips

•Dim/Dark Modes Reduces The Illumination Of The Display

•Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes Silence Audio Alerts

•Alert Priority Displays Most Important Signal When More Than One Is Detected

•Setting Saver Saves Personalized Settings When Unit Is Turned Off

•Selectable Auto Shut Off Automatically Shuts Off Your Detector

•Safety Warning SystemTM Keeps You Informed Of Highway Safety Where Transmitters Are Located

•Vg-2 Detection When Engaged, Alerts To Vg-2 Presence

Included Accessories

•Windshield Bracket Kit, Power Cord, Manual

•Additional Information

•Laser Radar Detectors Are Legal For Passenger Vehicles In Every State Except Virginia And Washington, D.C. Radar Receivers Are Prohibited In Commercial Vehicles Over 10,000 Lbs. Whistler Laser Radar Detectors Receive Laser Guns That Operate At A Laser Wavelength Of 905+/50Nm.

Whistler Detectors Receive The Following Radar Frequencies:

•10.500 10.550 Ghz – X Band •24.050 24.250 Ghz – K Band •33.400 36.000 Ghz – Superwideband Ka •This Includes The PopTM Instant-On Feature, Which Operates Within The K And Ka Bands.PopTM Is A Trademark Of Mph Industries.

Product Features

  • New whistler XTR-195 Car Police Laser Radar Detector X-band, K-band, Ka Superwide, Ka Band,

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