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KINETIK Harnesses the most advanced AGM technologies to bring the best in power to your 12-Volt active lifestyle. Whether you are looking to power a modest 400 watt system in your daily driver or you want that heart thumping bass from a 10,00 watt system designed by a professional.. KINETIK has the power to take you there. The Kinetik HC1400-BLU is known for the most powerful cells for Honda or Mitsubishi OE replacement. Featuring a 1-year warranty, made with advanced AGM technology.

Product Features

  • Sealed Non-Spillable Design Can Be Mounted In Any Position
  • Kinetik HC1400-BLU Power Cell 1400 Watt 12V High Current Power Cell
  • Designed With More Plates For Stronger Energy Density
  • Tightly Packed Cells That Provides Superior Heat & Vibration Resistance
  • AGM Technology For Better Power Efficiency, Longer Life and Maximum Sound Performance!

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