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  1. K. Harris "Film aficionado" says:

    Spectacular New Location, Same Dangerous Driving: Giving Fans What They’ve Come To Expect We’ve seen the original Ice Road Trucker franchise travel through the arctic territories of Canada and Alaska since 2007. With the “IRT Deadliest Roads” adaptation, the first season took us to some of the poorest non-icy road conditions in India. To up the stakes for Season Two, veteran stars Hugh, Rick and Lisa take us to picturesque South American for hours of navigation among cliff tops and jungle passages. After so many seasons, in one variation or another, of the IRT brand–I’m not sure…

  2. Tyler says:

    IRT is introduced to the Andes!!! I have followed the Ice Road Truckers series quite carefully and was delighted to buy the second season of Deadliest Roads. Watching this makes your hands feel sweaty and clinging to the side of your armrest as you see the dangers of these roads that the truckers take through the Andes of Bolivia while they deliver critical cargo to poor villages. I must also wonder what kind of money they were offered to take these risks on the mountainous roads because danger is awaiting around every corner…

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