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    How GPS almost didn’t happen but for the work of some dedicated AF officers This is a great documentary about the invention of GPS. I was fortunate be a part of the GPS history when I worked as staff officer for GPS in the Pentagon in the late 1980’s. Even then it was a struggle to keep GPS funded some 15 years after the invention. We loosely investigated the idea of charging each user $1 for the right to use GPS. As I recall at that time there were only about 100,000 users worldwide so that wouldn’t even come close to covering the cost. If we only knew that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great documentary! Important implications for how we develop technology Some of the five-star reviews at release seem like fake reviews to me (too gushing, too similar, and too many exclamation points). The narrator is not a professional and has a distractingly weak voice. The director is a former Air Force officer and pilot (I’m guessing he didn’t go to film school). So it’s not that great a production. Worth watching if you are super interested in how the GPS system was built. But too much hyperbole for my taste (the Internet, online banking, etc. would have…

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