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The MILEPOST® is Alaska’s most extensive and best-known travel guide. First published in 1949 as a guide about traveling along the Alaska Highway, today’s THE MILEPOST® includes more than 600 pictures, over 100 maps and details every place travelers might eat, sleep or pull off the road for scenic viewing.

This legendary Alaska trip planner is a full-service guide to the highways, roads, ferries, lodgings, recreation, sightseeing, attractions and services along the Alaska Highway and Alaska road system, as well as routes in Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Yukon. Travelers will find trip planning help and answers to frequently asked questions on such topics as wildlife viewing, crossing the border and traveling with pets. Updated annually, The MILEPOST® gives readers over 700 pages of detailed information on everything from the famous Alaska Highway system to cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Invaluable Travel Guide I bought The Milepost for my recent trip to Alaska. I rented a car and drove from Anchorage to Homer to Seward to Whittier and back to Anchorage. 760 miles. Basically, the entire Kenai Peninsula. The Milepost was invaluable to me. It gave very specific directions, explained the highways, and highlighted places to stop on the way. I thought it was a better travel guide than others out there. Please note, it is a huge and weighty volume. I didn’t carry the whole thing with me because I was flying…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The North Country… The Milepost costs about 35 dollars in a bookstore (cheaper on Amazon) and weights in at a little over 700 pages. What are you getting for your money? Well, Alaska is the journey of a lifetime for most visitors. Real wilderness is only half an hour from downtown Anchorage, the entry point for many travelers. In fact, Alaska and Northwest Canada offer an unsurpassed opportunity to experience a pre-urban world of rugged country, covered with forests, streams, lakes, mountains, tundra,…

  3. Anonymous says:

    MUST MUST….for BC, Yukon, and Alaska…and not just the Alaska Highway. Do not head into BC, Yukon, or Alaska without it!!!!!! Took me some time to understand the system because of different highways, and following them reverse of description….but once I learned to read the fine print (and I say that as a joke on me, as sometimes I’d try to rush it and skip something…don’t!!). The organization of this is remarkable! We love dispersed/informal camping and so appreciated the little notes at some mileages about these little glorious spots. Example: Alaska Hwy…

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