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Get the latest traffic reports while keeping your sat nav powered up, thanks to this 4UUC5B 4UUC.001.05 4UUC.001.05B cigar-lighter charger with a built-in RDS-TMC receiver

Product Features

  • Brand New Original TOMTOM Charger Traffic Receiver Kit
  • Compatible with TOMTOM VIA 1535 1525 1505 1435 1425 1405 GPS Navigator models
  • 2 in1 solution to receive USB LT RDS-TMC traffic information on your device while charging it
  • No need for extra wires and cables on the windscreen
  • Ideal to get free traffic information in your Country or abroad (where TMC service is available).

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  1. Frans says:

    Beware of Charger City As many other reviews have indicated, when you order the TOMTOM Micro USB Lifetime Free Live Traffic Receiver Car Charger Vehicle Power Cable Cord for TOM TOM VIA 1535 1525 1505 1500 1435 1425 1405 1400 T GPS Navigator (PN 4UUC5B, 4UUC.001.05B, 4UUC.003.05) you will NOT receive the cable that is shown on the site. What you will receive is:1) One cable with the traffic device in the cable that does NOT fit your 1500’s TOMTOM VIA2) A second, short cable that serves as connector…

  2. W. Cox "BC" says:

    Plug is NOT AS PICTURED 0

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