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The Travel Clothes Line makes it easy to rinse out a bathing suit after a swim or other items as needed with a simple drip-dry system. Easy to pack.

Product Features

  • Elastic line stretches to fit virtually all tubs
  • Braided elastic eliminates need for clothes pin, simply hang clothes between cords
  • Secures to wall or tile with extra large
    suction cups

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very useful for a long hotel stay! I took this with me on a recent trip that entails staying in a hotel for 4 weeks. While the hotel does have washers and dryers, some women’s clothing simply cannot be put into the dryer. This is when the clothes line comes in. I tied one end to the towel shelf in the bathroom and hooked the other end to the corner of the mirror. The suction seems good as it never came off, although I did not load it with lots of clothes. I particularly like its versatility; I can put items on it directly…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This thing was awesome. I’ve seen other reviewers complain about the strength … This thing was awesome. I’ve seen other reviewers complain about the strength of the suction cups but when used on a hard, smooth surface like a tub surround or tile it held up great. The two ends also need to be pretty straight across from each other. At an angle the suction cups lose suction. We loaded the thing up with jeans, shirts, etc and it held great. The twisted rope was also great for not needing clothespins. I’ve already recommended this to a co-worker and would do the same for…

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