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With the Tripp Lite 3,000-Watt Powerverter Compact Inverter for Trucks, you can use your vehicle’s battery to power electronic devices on the road. Whether you need to power a TV, DVD player or coffee maker for a family road trip, or use power tools at a work site, this ultracompact inverter will give you the quiet electricity you need. It provides a continuous supply of up to 3,000 watts of 120-volt AC power to 4 AC outlets from any 12-volt battery or automotive DC source. Plus, its supercompact, lightweight metal-case design makes it one of the smallest, most rugged inverters available at its power level.

Product Features

  • PowerVerter Ultra-Compact Inverter, portable power for all applications
  • 3000 watts continuous output power; up to 6000 watts instantaneous power
  • 4 AC outlets; rugged all-metal housing
  • Automatic shutdown feature prevents battery drain
  • 1-year warranty

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  1. Jefro Bodark says:

    Solid quiet power I installed this on a truck for a rancher. He needed to use electric saws, drills, and such that can usually require a generator. I tried to suggest a generator but he thought this would be better. It has been running find for a year now and he couldn’t be happier. Not having to fool with gas, oil, stink, noise make this a pretty good choice. Flip the switch, plug in and use.There is an oddity or feature about this. It saves power by a sort of use test. If you don’t set the setting…

  2. mhmike78 says:

    It works..

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