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This 3.5-Inch speaker may be small but with its 500hz-5kHz it brings more balance to your already rock’n Uniden speakers. With its Scanner and CB capability you will be able to hear/communicate with ease. The noise blanker will help reduce any electrical noise that usually happens with incoming calls.

Product Features

  • The Uniden Bearcat BC15 15 Watt Communication Speaker is an external accessory speaker that offers enhanced audio from CBs, Ham Radios, and Scanners. Rugged and durable enough for any mobile application.
  • The Uniden BC15 is a great looking speaker with a two-toned black and silver face-plate.
  • The BC15 external communication speaker features 15 watts of max power and the BC15’s built in noise blanker helps to reduce electrical interference that other manufacturer’s accessory speakers allow to bleed through.
  • The Uniden BC15 is fully compatible with all radios capable of accepting 3.5 mm audio plug in connectors. Installation is quick and easy with BC15, in fact the most difficult part will be in locating your preferred mounting location.
  • Mount the BC15 communication speaker, plug in the 10 foot speaker wire to the speaker jack on your radio, and enjoy crystal clear audio output.
  • If your mobile two-way radio happens to be mounted in a difficult to reach location the right angled 3.5 mm audio plug on the BC15 will make it easier to get connected to the radio.
  • No more cranking your radio all the way up just to hear the conversation!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Decent speaker with some design flaws; NOT amplified This is a properly designed speaker for good frequency response and clarity with voice comms. The listing says amplified, i.e. needing a separate power source, which it is NOT (model BC15). It is completely driven by the radio it is plugged in to.Two design flaws:1) There is no strain relief on the speaker wire as it exits the cabinet. At 15 months of exlusive use in doors as a component of my ham shack, I’ve already had to de-solder the speaker wires from the PCB so I…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It does the job it is intended to do…no more, no less. In order to record the transmissions from my SDS100 scanner directly to my computer, I must use the scanner’s 3.5mm phone jack. However, by using the phone jack, I can no longer hear the transmissions through the scanner’s internal speaker. Therefore, I needed an inexpensive external speaker.Uniden offers three choices of non-amplified speakers and the BC15 is the middle model. It’s a 15-watt speaker which isn’t particularly powerful but does the job for which it was designed. I use…

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