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The Bearcat 680 CB radio gives you the clearest reception, strongest transmissions and greatest range. It features a large, easy-to-read display and channel. The illuminated control panel is easy to use in all light conditions. It also has a noise cancelling microphone that cancels out background noise. This CB radio has 40 channel operation and dynamic squelch control and an extra long mic cord. There is a CB/PA switch and it’s even wireless mic compatible. Other features include an ergonomic pistol grip mic, 6-4 PIN mic adapter, large digital S/RF meter, and backlit controls.

Product Features

  • Ergonomic pistol grip mic
  • Large, easy-to-read display and channel
  • Dynamic squelch control
  • Extra long mic cord
  • Wireless mic compatible

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  1. Matt Price says:

    CB Rocks!! This CB was installed in my 2012 JK Unlimited in a Tuffy single-compartment overhead console! This is a sleek unit, with tons of “new age” technology, such as LCD displays with useful calibration tools built right in for SWR calibration and Antenna tuning!! It has a built in PA option, which of course is always fun to have 🙂 The unit seems to be more powerful than some Cobra competition out there with out pulsing around 5W instead of the industry standard 4W. Couple this with a FireStik…

  2. S. Fleckenstein says:

    Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB – A CB designed for today Before purchasing this CB radio consider the following:This is a modern 11 meter SSB CB radio designed for use in North America, not a 10 meter export radio. The radio chassis uses surface mount technology, you are not going to poke around in there with your Weller soldering gun and big ole screwdriver and make things work “gooder”.Forty channel sideband mobile radios built in the good old days would cost you close to double the price of what this radio is being sold for today…

  3. PONYEXPRESS says:

    Uniden Bearcat 980ssb 40 ch mobile am ssb This new uniden 40 channel cb ssb mobile radio is no doubt a winner except for the annoying beeping when performing functions as simple as changing channels . Radio output was down 2 watts on am and 6 watts on ssb as others have mentioned. We easily found the 2 pots inside the radio to adjust both power levels am to 4 watts and ssb to 12 watts . I will give it a 8 out of 10 and is a definite keeper .I now have plans to purchase another just to keep in the house sometime after xmas 2012…

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