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This Uniden® Bearcat® 980 SSB CB radio is designed with 40 AM CB channels and an easy-to-read 7-color digital display. Activate weather alerts, and NOAA® will notify you of inclement conditions, and you can quickly switch to PA mode to make announcements on an external speaker. A noise-cancelling microphone removes background chatter for clean, crisp sound.

Product Features

  • 7-color LCD display. Easy-to-read illuminated control panel. Backlit control knobs.
  • 40 AM CB channels plus SSB include upper/lower sideband channels. Instant channel 9/19 provides immediate access to the highway and emergency channels. Activate weather alerts to be notified by NOAA of inclement conditions.
  • PA/SB switch. S/RF/SWR meter makes it simple to tune your CB antenna. Noise-cancelling microphone; also compatible with the BC906W wireless CB speaker/mic (sold separately).
  • Dynamic squelch control. RF gain control. Mic gain control.
  • Model: BC980SSB. Made in Vietnam.

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    Annoying beeping noise fix!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice equipment

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