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On the road or off road, everything you need is now within reach. Uniden has been part of the trucking community since its inception, and now we’re venturing off the beaten path. Even in the age of cell phones, Uniden CBs remain the trucker’s – and now the adventurer’s – favorite way to tune in to traffic and weather while staying connected with buddies. The Bearcat Series makes it easier than ever to use your CB radio at the wheel by giving you control right from your mic. It is so compact you can take it with you anywhere – whether your rig is the size of an RV or ATV. When you need to know what awaits you on the road ahead, reach for Uniden.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Compact for Easy Mounting – 4 x 4 x 1″
  • Easy Access Mic Controls
  • One-Touch Volume/Squelch Control
  • Inverting Display – easy to read no matter how you mount it
  • External Speaker Jack

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    Size is best feature

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