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Uniden CMX760 ultra-compact CB radio base. Includes 40-channel operation and NOAA weather alerts. Large display on speaker/mic.

Product Features

  • 40-Channel operation
  • Ultra-compact for easy mounting — just 4 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Noaa weather with alert
  • Easy-access speaker/mic controls
  • Large display on speaker/mic

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I own and operate a reputable CB Shop, must read, serious review below. This radio is a pile of junk. I once thought it was going to be a great alternative to the Cobra comparable model. The CMX560 was a much better radio. However, this CMX760 being a good radio is not the case. This radio seems to have many bugs in it. Uniden is of NO help to get it repaired. I remember when Uniden was the greatest for both quality and service. This is no longer the case. I believe the quality of the radio to be good. There are many screws holding the guts together. The…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Uniden CMX760 great little radio So I had both the Cobra 75wx st and this Uniden CMX 760. Hands down the Uniden is the better radio. Better noise filters. Less static. An awesome Weather Alert setting that alerts when a severe weather warning is issued just like a home weather radio will. Cool Background colors. Reception is very clear. Transmission I’m told is clear. There is no static between Rx/Tx. I’ve never used a ham radio so I can’t compare but this is as good as it gets from an AM radio. I have a Jeep and SWR…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Replaced my Cobra 75WX Replaced my (still working fine) COBRA 75 WX ST radio with this radio. Both my wife and I found the very large size and odd shape of the Cobra microphone to be difficult to use. This radio has a traditional size and shape of handheld microphone. I find the controls easier to use on this radio. The noise reduction on this radio is superior to the Cobra. I like that you can choose the color of the background, so I can make it match the color of dashboard lights.Unless the Cobra…

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