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Long-range detection. X, K and Ka band alarms. X, K and Ka band on/off. POP and laser alert alarms. Highway and city modes. Easy-to-read dot matrix display. Invisible to VG2 and Spectre I and IV radar-detector detectors. Mute alarm audio. Voice alert notification. Battery voltage display. Memory feature saves users last settings (except mute) when unit is powered down abd disconnected from power. Warranty: One year. 3 in. L x 6.7 in. W x 10.5 in. H (1.27 lbs.)

Product Features

  • Long-range detection
  • X, K and Ka band alarms
  • X, K and Ka band on/off
  • POP and laser alert alarms
  • Highway and city modes

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  1. RyanAssoc "Tom Ryan" says:

    Best range under $100 so far imo Best range under $100 so far imo, the FCC pics of the antenna and PCB look like a more expensive unit (450 & 750 look the same). K filter seems to be good, liking the fact that I can turn it off along with everything else in menu. Voice alerts are nice and loud if you have it cranked, no hint of a Korean accent despite being Korean made lol.Screen is good and the volt meter is neat for my car that doesn’t have it (what else would you want displayed, “HIGHWAY”?). Mount has…

  2. Fishguy "Languy" says:

    Great value for price. 0

  3. Anonymous says:

    So far I love this. Just started using it a feew days ago and it picked up K-Band about a mile down the interstate. When I got further up the road, I saw that it was one of those big radar speed detecting signs that tell you what speed you’re going and to slow down. Immediately after I passed it, the beeps started to slow for about 50 car lengths and then they stopped. I’m still learning which beeps mean what, but I was impressed that it picked up the radar that far in advance. Uniden has…

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